Get Your Best Look for Summer at Our In-Store Event!


You don’t wear the same outfit every day – why would you wear the same hairstyle? We love adding new looks into the mix, so we’re hosting a special in-store event that will feature expert stylists showing YOU how to create your best look for summer! 

Five hairstyles we’re loving right now:

  1. Waterfall braid: Beautiful in straight or curly hair, this pretty braid wraps around your head in cascading sections – it’s the perfect half-up look.
  2. French fishtail: Great for long hair, this braid might look complicated – but you can easily do it to your own hair!
  3. Double bun: Featuring one bun over another, this style is super comfortable – perfect to wear all day long.
  4. Grecian braid: Inspired by classic styles, this braid is formed with a French braid that follows around your hairline. It’s a pretty way to keep all your hair up on a hot day.
  5. French twist: It’s quick, easy and always looks chic!

Find tutorials for these hairstyles and many more in the new book, Braids, Buns, and Twists!, available at our in-store hair event. Check out the event page on Facebook for all the details!

What’s your current go-to hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below!


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