Win Your Very Own Book Nook!

Have you been following our book nook reveals? From Monika‘s cozy baby book nook to Merrilee‘s bright outdoor reading space and Kim‘s perfect nook for siblings, share the space you were most inspired by and enter to win a $1000 PBK gift card!

Hurry and enter below– Giveaway ends Sunday, 8/10.

I like #3 for the space I have and the ages of my grandchildren. I have hundreds of books from teaching for 32 years but need an inviting way to display and share them with Davis, Abigail , and Oliver.

Love the first reading nook!! Love everything about it, the teepee, side table. Looks cute and functional. Would love to win for my two boys: Elijah and Noah!!!

I love the third book nook! The grey and white color scheme provide clean lines and a relaxing atmosphere for reading! They are all three pretty cool though and could see my four year old reading in any of them!

My granddaughters would love any of the three spaces. Each has a teaching/learning scheme and each provides a comfortable, stimulating, “my place” environment. Excellent.

I just had to say kudos to all three bloggers for their efforts. Very impressive. There’s not a kid around that wouldn’t love a nook like these. Wow!

I am grateful my children love to read so far so good! LOL. It’s a great idea to have an area just for reading they are all adorable ideas.

I love the book nook idea! My daughters are 3 and one and they both love for me to read to them (which I do daily). I had a terrible drunk of a teacher (who later was fired) in the first grade. Because of a terrible education, I didn’t begin to read until late into the 2nd grade. I struggled a lot as a child but now I love to read! I hope my two daughters will too. I think creating a fun and welcoming environment to encourage reading is a wonderful idea. I’d love to do this!

My favorite and the one I voted for was the one created by Monika Hibbs. The teepee one is perfect for little ones. They love to hide and crawl into things. It would be fun to read to them in this! My girls would love it!

They all are adorable, but I especially love the first one. My daughter is only 18 months, but she already loves to “read”. Lol. She would love to curl up in there and read to her babies. So cute!

I love the use of the teepee.
I’ve got a 17 month old son and his sister is due in a few weeks.
We are big on reading everyday in this house and my son loves making tents and tunnels, so I know he would love a teepee to sit it while reading. It’s perfect for my kiddos age group.

The teepee is a great way to make reading even more fun. With all the iPad games, video games and tv shows available, this is a great way to step up the reading game.

My favorite is #1! My 2 little daugthers love this kind of things! They will be happy to win ! Fingers crossed✊✊❤️

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