Blooming it Forward with Kindness

Sometimes it just feels good to make someone smile, which is why we are excited to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day! Started by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation , the day encourages the spread of kindness in schools, communities and homes.  We decided to contribute in our own little way by teaming up with one of our favorite florists, BloomThat, and give out blooms at our San Francisco Pottery Barn store. We were amazed how this simple act touched the staff and the recipients.  Almost instantly, people smiled a bit bigger, laughed a little easier and talked a little longer.  And it’s not just our perception! The Foundation states that scientific studies have shown that random acts of kindness are good for you.  These simple acts improve your life satisfaction by increasing your sense of belonging and self-worth, and they improve your health by decreasing your anxiety, depression and blood pressure.

  And the best part: these benefits apply to the giver of kindness, the recipient of kindness, and anyone who witnesses the act! Every act improves the lives of at least three people.  Talk about bang for your buck!

So as we are out sharing the kindness, take a peek at some of our favorite moments…

Remember, you can easily make someone’s day by one simple random act of kindness. Find opportunities to give a compliment, put a sweet note in your child’s lunch, or surprise your spouse with a beautiful bouquet in one of our vases! We had our sales associates show us the most popular vases in the store and online:

Our Tuscan Urns are an online and in-store customer favorite made with hand-glazed terra cotta evoking an Italian countryside look.  It’s perfect for indoors but can just as easily be used outdoors when the weather gets warmer.


Creating a petite, romantic bouquet is easy with our Madeline Mercury Glass and Metal Vases, available in Pottery Barn stores.


Adding a bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to complete your Easter look! Click here to shop our entire vase collection.

After you pick out your favorite vase, visit BloomThat and use promo code POTTERYBLOOMS to enjoy 15% off your purchase for the rest of the month (offer ends 2/29/2016)! And remember to show us how you’re spreading the kindness on our Instagram using #MyPotteryBarn for a chance to be featured on our website or Instagram page.

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