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A Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek at Pottery Barn Catalog Shoots

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a Pottery Barn photo shoot? It’s exhilarating and exciting — everything you’d expect, and more. But it’s also a lot of work — shots almost never turn out perfectly on the first take. Plus, there are plenty of elements to work around — like weather, or location geography — so it can be unpredictable. Take a look at some of our recent behind the scenes shots to see what lengths our talented photography crew goes to in order to create our beautiful catalog.

april fools 17

Photographing furniture on a windy day is no easy feat, especially when that day’s subject is our umbrella collection.

april fools 18

Peekaboo — there’s the crew! This kept everything in place until our photographer got the perfect shot.


And here’s what the final shot ends up looking like — a beautiful display of our outdoor umbrellas.


We’ll go to pretty much any length to get the perfect photo — even if it means standing tippy-toe on a ladder to make sure it turns out just right.

indigo cover shot

Isn’t it amazing what just the right angle will do? This beautiful image is part of what brought indigo to life at Pottery Barn this spring.

april fools 5

You might’ve caught a glimpse of this shot in our April Fool’s post, but we wanted to show you the entire behind the scenes process. Sometimes orders just don’t come through when you need them — even when you’re a professional! We only had one set of benches arrive in time for this shoot, so we shot them on one side of the table …

april fools 4

… and then the other!


A little photo magic (and a little bit of restyling) resulted in this gorgeous shot. Perfection!

December 2013 in Cabo, shooting Summer 2014

Here’s a snap from the set of our recent summer shoot. We wanted to make it look like some of our new lanterns were floating on water, so our photo crew built platforms under the water for the lanterns to sit on.

December 2013 in Cabo, shooting Summer 2014

Our talented photographer perched himself in the hot tub to find the right angle.


After staging and waiting for just the right light, here’s the final result — the image that made us fall in love with the glow of summer.



Pottery Barn is synonymous with quality and beauty. I look forward to each catalogue and now have an appreciation for the dedicated and meticulous staff behind the scene. I pour over every page and dream one day my house can be as gorgeous as the pictures….that is, after I can pry it out of the hands of my four year old! He is just as besotted as Mommy. 🙂

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