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Behind the Design With Pauline Boyd of Counterpane Quilts

Like many artists, Pauline Boyd didn’t intend to become an artisan quilter, rather the passion for the craft found her later in life. On a trip to visit family friends she was inspired by quilters she met during her stay.  Struck by their passion for the craft she was inspired upon her return home to buy a sewing machine. Over the next 10 years Boyd taught herself to quilt, crafting her labors of love out of everything she could find including her own curtains at one point! As her life changed, her craft evolved and so did the fabrics she used.  She found herself in a relationship and soon after marriage that found her traveling the globe.

Most recently Boyd traveled to Cambodia and Laos with her now husband using her time away almost as like a student seeking a study abroad experience.  What resulted was a deepening of her work and a widening of her textiles.  Scraps of American denim  found themselves nestled with silk head wraps and hand-dyed cottons, all sourced by Boyd in the countries she was visiting.  The tapestries reflect a beautiful melding and evolution of Boyd’s work.

Pottery Barn is excited to collaborate with Pauline on an exclusive line of handmade quilts and pillows covers for Summer 2016.  The collaboration, Counterpane for Pottery Barn, showcases the best of traditional American quilting and craftsmanship mixed with a global perspective.  Instant heirlooms, we are excited to have Pauline as part of the Pottery Barn family!  Below is a video that digs a bit deeper into our collaboration with Pauline and offers a glimpse into her design process.

Take a moment to look at all the beautiful items in Pauline’s collaboration and appreciate the thought, talent and passion that she brings to her craft.


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