Behind the Design

Behind the Design: Our New Kai Shell Lamps

To us, summer is just as much a state of mind as it is a time of year, and we want our summer collections to feel just as warm and relaxing as the season. Our new Kai Shell Ambiant Lamps certainly epitomize this feel. This new lighting for summer sets the mood with a soft glow.


Artisans in the Philippines make each one of these intricately designed pieces by hand. Take a look at a sketch from one of the original designers of the Kai Shell Lamp design, below. The floral pattern is based on the shape of cut shells from water snails common to the islands.


These snails (white vertagus and black faunus) are found along the beaches and often used for food. The leftover shells are cut either horizontally or vertically, and the inner skeleton is glued on to a resin lamp base by hand in a floral pattern. A resin laminate covers the shells to protect them, and then the lamp is wired and packed for shipment.


When complete, the black shells almost look like they’re tattooed onto the lamp base, while the white shells mimic lacework — especially when they’re switched on and emitting their soothing glow.


We’re excited and proud to share these new lamps with you. They’re the perfect way to start welcoming summer into your home!


How am I to change the light bulbs of the 5′ tall Kai Shell Ambient Floor Lamp? I can only reach the top one, how about the ones in the middle and bottom?

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