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Behind the Design: Our New Marrakech Drink Dispenser

Warm weather brings out our deep love for drink dispensers. What’s not to love? They’re a great way to host cocktail hours, luncheons or dinner parties. They’re the perfect solution for easy entertaining — guests can serve themselves, and you only need to mix up one batch of drinks.


This summer, we’re particularly proud of our new Marrakech Drink Dispenser. This beautiful piece isn’t just an entertaining must — it’s a beautifully designed object that you’ll cherish for years to come.


The Marrakech Drink Dispenser is inspired by the shape and style of Moroccan lanterns. When it’s empty and held up to the light, you’ll see why — the depth and quality of the piece diffuses light beautifully.


Each Marrakech Drink Dispenser is handmade with a historic technique. Every piece of solid brass is hammered into place and detailed by hand. The glass is actually blown into the metal design, creating a single, sturdy construction. The hole for the stainless steel spigot is sandblasted, rather than drilled, for a cleaner cut.


It’s a labor-intensive piece, but the visual result is well worth it. Our favorite part? The separate, bowl-like stand that can be filled up with fruit, colorful accessories or even a few flameless candles to give an evening party extra glow.


Since the Marrakech Drink Dispenser is made by hand, every piece is different. The slight imperfections in the intricate metalwork add character. It’s a true piece of functional art that we’re proud to share with you this summer.

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