Behind the Design

Behind the Design: Our Framed Indigo Prints

Ever wonder about the story behind some of Pottery Barn’s in-house designs? We caught up with Jenn, one of Pottery Barn’s designers, to discover the orgins of our new Framed Indigo Prints.




Jenn, one of the Pottery Barn designers, told us “These were a collaboration with a vendor who truly does real indigo patterns in Jaipur. We worked on the print as panels and then treated them as pieces of art that were framed as such. ¬†In this area in Jaipur, [the artisans] do a lot of true indigo dyes and resist dyes. All of the block prints come from this general area, and that’s the regional printing technique. We really went to the source for true indigo prints for these pieces.”

The authenticity and skill required for these indigo prints is truly showcased in these gorgeous¬†Framed Indigo Prints. While they’re beautiful on their own, we also think they’d look equally lovely as part of a gallery wall, mixed with pen and ink pieces, paintings and photography. Do you have any framed textiles hanging in your home?

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