Behind the Design: Botanical Prints Inspire our Favorite Birds, Butterflies and Flowers for Spring
Behind the Design

Behind the Design: Botanical Prints Inspire our Favorite Birds, Butterflies and Flowers for Spring

Piles of 17th, 18th and 19th century botanical books litter the desks in our textile team’s studio at PBHQ. Each book is a confetti explosion of Post-Its, bookmarking inspirational images for our talented team.


This Spring, these scientific and botanical illustrations served as inspiration for our new Fauna Duvet. Our designers used select illustrations from these books (just like the ones below) as a base for our custom patterns. After hand illustrating new birds, butterflies and flowers, our designers scanned in each illustration and blew up the size and adjusted the image for new details and colors.


Once the right size is determined, the team creates a pattern including each icon (birds, butterflies, flowers and plants in this case). The pattern has to repeat correctly without looking like it’s actually repeating, which is incredibly difficult.

After a lot of hand-done work and computer magic, our San Francisco team designed what’s now our signature pattern for Spring. The mix of colors and the slightly whimsical note has made it one of our most popular patterns this season, and a welcome break from the snow, rain and sleet outside.



I fell in love with this pattern the minute I saw it! Now that you have educated me on what it took to create this beautiful piece of art, I love it even more. You guy’s rock!

I LOVE this pattern…awesome job in designing this set. As a professional bird photographer, I had to have the duvet cover and shams, but I would love to have matching sheets to go with them, so perhaps you can think about expanding the collection.

I typically go with plain bed linens, but this well-researched and well-designed pattern was absolutely too beautiful to resist plus I love that I can match it with so many colors!

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