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Bacon, Maple and Apple — Oh My! We Visit San Francisco’s Dynamo Donuts

From cake pops, to cronuts, to crème brulee, to crazy ice cream flavors — we love taste testing all of the latest dessert trends here at Pottery Barn. The donut is no exception — talented pastry chefs around the country have elevated the humble donut to artisanal status with amazing flavors, toppings and infusions.


San Francisco based Dynamo Donuts is one of the leaders of this pack. We visited its Marina location, near Crissy Field and the Golden Gate Bridge, to taste some of their best flavors and learn about the story behind these beautiful pastries — pictured here on our Gabriella Cake Stand and Great White Cake Stand.


As soon as you pick up a Dynamo Donut, it’s clear that this isn’t your average Dunkin breakfast. Pastry chef Sara Spearin mixes flavors like molasses pear, chocolate rose, orange blossom and huckleberry into these delectable desserts.


Spearin, who has worked at some of San Francisco’s top restaurants, first started experimenting with donuts while on maternity leave in 2007. These cast iron fried concoctions were the first donuts she’d ever cooked for herself, but she fell in love with the possibilities.


A year later, she opened her first shop in San Francisco’s Mission District, selling her signature maple, apple, bacon donut (among many others) to the city’s hungry hordes, and later in the Marina. No matter what time of day, both locations are always slammed — lines spilling out the door and around the block. But as any well-versed San Francisco foodie could tell you, the wait is well worth it.

Next time you’re in San Francisco, visit Dynamo Donuts at its Mission or Marina location. 

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