Back To School in Style with Design Love Co.

We’re so excited to have Marissa, founder of Design Love Co and designer of the amazing Design Love Planner, share her expert tips on getting back to school in style! Take it away Marissa!

Hi there, everyone! It’s Marissa here from Design Love Co. It’s a new school year, so here’s a few tips to get back to school in style.
PBTeen_6718PBTeen_6699PBTeen_6692Tip 1: Organization.

You’re going to get nowhere with a desk piled high with weeks of old papers. A clean desk allows for a clear mind and only then can you get work done efficiently. Grab that dust bin and get recycling that clutter. You’ll be a whole new person once you have a fresh space to work. In addition, we at Design Love Co have the perfect tool for your new clean desk space. Organize your daily to-do’s, assignment and tasks all in one convenient and stylish place. Get it herePBTeen_6683Tip 2: Healthy Living & Eating Well.

Your mind can’t function without being fuelled the right way. Getting the correct balance of healthy foods is so important to everyday living. We pack our lunches full of our favorite fruits and veggies and always include some healthy nuts & seeds. Avocados are always a tasty treat too. An evening run can also help clear your mind and keep your mental health in check.PBTeen_6827Tip 3: Sleep.

Your body and mind needs on average 8 hours of sleep a night to be fully functioning the next day. Lavender essence sprayed on your pillow and a hot cup of tea can help send you into a deep sleep. Staying away from your phone display when preparing for bed is also important as it can keep your mind active deep into the night. Making a list of everything you want to do the next day can help get things out of your mind and on to a page to release any stress or worry.PBTeen_6728

Photography by Chloe

What are YOUR tips for getting back in to the school grind? Be sure to share in the comments below! And get some serious study motivation on our Pinterest board

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