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Ask A Stylist: The Junk Gypsies Edition

Every month, we ask our FacebookTwitter and Instagram fans to share their design questions with us. Then we ask one of our stylists to help you out! This month we turned to DIYers and resident PBteen designers, The Junk Gypsies! Here’s what they had to say…


Ask_A_Stylist_JG_1The Stylehouse: We know you love to pull different styles of furniture and decor. How do you mix and match everything to make it work together in one room?

The Junk Gypsies: We try to tell a story in a room and we figure out what that story is! Maybe a road-weary cowgirl jumps on board a gypsy wagon headed to Timbuktu and we create a room for that adventure! So we’ll pick a theme, a wonderful theme, and all the beautiful colors that tie it all together.


PBteen Facebook Fan: What’s the best way to make my room a little bit mature and more fun without having to completely redecorate?

The Junk Gypsies: Chandeliers are a great way to add sparkle to a room and provide a bit of a grown up feel!



The Stylehouse: What’s the one thing in your home you can’t live without?

The Junk Gypsies: Flea market trinkets really add your own personality into a room and of course as we mentioned, chandeliers!



PBteen Facebook Fan: I’m moving into a dorm and want to bring a little piece of home. How do you incorporate love for your hometown into your décor?

The Junk Gypsies: We never forget where we came from! We always incorporate an ode to our hometown. We love salvaged city limits signs, old photos, or a menu from your favorite hometown diner framed on the wall!


PBteen Facebook Fan: What’s your favorite piece from your PBteen collection? How did you come up with your ideas?

Amie: The Follow Your Heart Comforter because it is art I created,  it is so exciting to see that art come to life on such a large scale.

Jolie: Hands down the guitar shaped jewelry organizer. It’s rock star and functional at the same time.

There ya have it, style and decor tips straight from The Junk Gypsies themselves! For more from this stylish duo be sure to check out their new collection!

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