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Ask A Stylist: May Edition

We asked our fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their design questions with us. Then we asked M. Elodie Froment, PBteen’s resident stylist and vice president of product design! Here’s what she had to say…

Q: Drapes, shades or sheers: how do you choose which to put on your windows? – Shannon, college student


A: If your walls are painted a color, go with something like our Suite Ribbon Drape in white. It has just a hint of color, and if you want to add a little pizzazz,  layer it with a color-coordinated, printed sheer. If your walls are white, choose a drape in a color that coordinates with your bedding, and add a textured, sheer drape in white.

Q: What’s one essential item for a study space? – Alice, college student


A: Wall organizers! A calendar to plan out weeks and months, a pinboard to display photos and notes, and a wall-storage unit to hold extra study supplies plus odds and ends.

Q: I share a room with my sister. How can I design a space that reflects the best of both our styles? – Casey, high school student


A: You and your sister can each express your own styles while living in the same space. Try some of these ideas:

  • Use sheer drapes to divide the room. This creates a fabric “wall” that can easily be moved, opened or closed.
  • Make your accessories and wall decor really speak for you – such as wall letters of your initials. Personalize your space with your favorite photos, art and mementos.
  • Play with color – not every wall has to be the same shade. Work with your sister to find a color you both like. Or, if you agree on a basic color, paint two walls in a lighter shade and two in a darker shade. You could also consider two different colors that work together, like yellow and green, blue and cream, or pink and purple.

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I am planning on redoing my whole room because I was inspired by your latest shade…pool. I have a large room with a desk, bookshelf, dressers, and a queen sized bed; what tricks can I use to keep my room from being messy, and how do you suggest for me to go about redesigning my room?

i purchased the Whitney Floral Bedding i am lost as what cain of draperies from pottery barn teen to choose from can you help me my walls are the main color in the spread …also how i can decorate the room to look cool ….Thanks Silvana

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