Ask A Stylist Takeover: Emily & Meritt

We’ve been asking our FacebookTwitter and Instagram fans to share their design questions with us. This month we turned to fashion and design gurus Emily Current and Meritt Elliott to lend a hand answering them! You may remember when they took over our series last year to provide their expertise. Here’s what they had to say this time around to answer your questions!

How do you incorporate fashion in to home décor?

Dressing your room is like dressing yourself, you should make sure you accessorize and use colors that compliment each other as you would when dressing yourself. Think of frames, bookends and jewelry holders as your “accessories.” Mix prints in different scales- such as big florals back to small stripes. Display your favorite fashion pieces on a wardrobe rack and hang necklaces, scarves or hats on wall hooks.

Blog_AskAStylist_October_7How do you decorate a bedroom without using paint?

The great thing about white walls is that it gives you the freedom to go any direction with your bedding. Using bold colors or mixed prints can have a great impact on bringing personality to the room. You can also hang banners or create a gallery wall with different sized frames.Blog_AskAStylist_October_4What’s a good way to display little trinkets you’ve collected?

Placing your favorite trinkets on a stack of books or journals on your bookshelf is a clever way to display. Putting small treasures in a cloche on your desk or vanity works well using strings and pins to tack them on a pinboard works well too!Blog_AskAStylist_October_8How could I make my room look simple and clean in a small space without using a loft?

Make sure you only keep what you truly need and use, and then have proper storage for it. Having storage for under your bed will minimize what you see when walking in the room, creating a clean and open space.

Blog_AskAStylist_October_5Which is better for a smaller room– a book shelf or floating shelves?

You can go either route- if you do use a book shelf, you should make sure that it is tall and has a smaller profile so it doesn’t take up too much space, but gives you a lot of shelving for storage! Floating shelves are best over a desk or bedside table, and right above your eyeline.

Blog_AskAStylist_October_3How do you maximize desk space when your desk is very small?

Maintaining an organized desk is key for this! If you have drawers make sure you utilize them instead of keeping items on top of the desk. If you don’t have drawers, having containers or bins for your desk items will help keep it clean and clear of a mess. A good trick is to use books to create different levels on your desk to put your pencil holder or even a picture frame on. Blog_AskAStylist_October_2How do you arrange pillows on a twin bed?

Pick one big pillow- perhaps a Euro- to lean against your wall or headboard. Choose an odd number of pillows (3- 5!) mix and match throw pillows that have a common thread- whether through a theme or accent color. Be sure they vary in size and shape.Blog_AskAStylist_October_1How do you give personality to your room?

Make it PERSONAL by putting your initials on bedding or pillows or putting your favorite quote on the wall! You can also pin up pictures or keepsakes on a pin board to remind you of all of your favorite people and places!Blog_AskAStylist_October_6

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I have one small double window in my bedroom but there’s an apartment building that’s blocking any natural light from coming in. How can I add more natural light into my dim room? I have white walls, mirrors, lamps and nothing helps. I don’t like all the light to be from light bulbs. I really love the beauty of natural sunlight peeking into a room.

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