Ask A Stylist: March Edition

Every month, we ask our FacebookTwitter and Instagram fans to share their design questions with us. Then we ask one of our stylists to help you out! Here’s what we’ve got for you this month…

How would you design the perfect sleepover? –  SarahBlog_AskAStylist_Mar_1

The perfect sleep over should be based on something fun that you and your friends like to do. Pick a theme and run with it. Invite all of your friends over and create a mani/pedi sleepover party! Transform a room (bedroom, lounge or TV room) into an overnight spa!

We’d set up some sleeping bags and comfy pillows on a plush rug, make a few delicious spa waters, have some healthy snacks, pick a funny movie and create a fun little gift basket for each of our friends with a cute nail polish color and maybe a few nail stickers! Then, set up a nail bar with lots of fun nail polish colors and stickers, nail polish remover and toe separators and go to town!

 What is the best way to display nail polish in your room? – Mackenzie Blog_AskAStylist_Mar_2

We like to set a few of them up side by side so we can separate our colors in warms and cools. If you have a serious nail polish collection to display try our Display-It Rail Ledge like we did here. Our stylist tip? Add a one inch layer of foam to the bottom of each shelf to elevate the polish bottles so their pretty colors are visible.

 How do you organize pillows on your bed? – GwenBlog_AskAStylist_Mar_3

We like to start with two Euro size pillows against the headboard, followed by a pair of standard pillows that either match the sheets or the duvet. On top of that we add 2-3 decorative pillows to tie the room together. These pillows can be in a range of sizes like one 16”, and a 12×16” and/or a shaped pillow can be great mixed in. I love Dec Pillows as they can be a great place to add your unique personality to your bed and they are easy and affordable to change out as your interests change.

 How do I incorporate DIYs into my décor? – AmyBlog_AskAStylist_Mar_4

Easily! One of our favorites is adding a fun shaped decal to any wall for a fun DIY wall paper look. Try this with our Metallic Dot decal in Gold; you can set it up in a regimented pattern or clustered depending on the look you are going after.

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Here’s my question: If your desk space is minimized and closed in by a hutch, and is also housing a computer, how do you maximize the space and make it pretty and functional?

How do you arrange pillows on a twin size bed and what is a great way to make a bed. Such as layers how to fold it and different things like that. Please use a twin as an example.

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