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5 Ways to Display and Store Your Child’s Art

One irresistible part of having kids in the house is all that precious art they craft up at school and during play time! As much as we cherish every finger painting, drawing, and collage they dream up, as the years pass, these mini masterpieces start to take over the house. We want to save every moment, but letting piles of art just sit around and collect dust won’t cut it either. With kids at home herself, we turned to interior designer, Cristin Bisbee Priest of Simplified Bee, to help us find a way to hang on to our budding artists’ favorite pieces while preventing our homes from looking like the archive room of an art museum.


Frame ‘Em

Pictured above is the breakfast nook in Cristin’s kitchen. Those decorative touches on the wall? Yep, those are her favorite art pieces by her kids, framed and on display right over one of the home’s most frequently used seats. With art that you really love, treat it as you would a painting or print you’d purchase anywhere else — frame it and hang it to enjoy! For posterity, document which child artist was at work, the year created and a quick sentence about why you love it on the back of the frame.

Tuck ‘Em In an Art Box

For pieces you just can’t throw out, save them in a large portfolio (available at art and craft stores) or a low-profile art box like the Cameron Art Storage Box. If you go this route, be careful that you don’t allow yourself to save too much! Knowing that you have a place where each construction paper art piece can be tidily tucked away might make you think you can hang on to them all. Then, one day, you’ll find these tidy storage systems are not-so-tidy anymore.


Take a Photo

What about the pieces that aren’t frame, wallor storage contenders? Pull out your phone, snap a quick photo, and have no guilt when recycling that particular masterpiece.

Make ‘Em Into Books

Once you’ve amassed a nice collection of art photos on your phone, create a keepsake photo book so that they’re not totally forgotten. They’re a perfect gift for grandparents or even for the kids themselves as a way to look back on all their work.


Think Outside the Frame

In the kids’ rooms, the playroom, or the home office, hang the art on cables and customizable bulletin boards. Use this option for art you’d like to rotate frequently.

How do you display your kids’ art at home? Show us all the masterpieces on Instagram with the hashtag #lovemypbk!

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