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April Fool’s! Take a Peek at Our Favorite Catalog Shoot Bloopers

This year, for April Fool’s Day, we decided to try our hand at poking a little fun at some of our best photo shoot mishaps. Take a look at our behind the scenes bloopers, below!

april fools 4

No, we didn’t try to stiff one side of the family. We only had one set of benches for this shoot, so we worked some photo magic and took two photos of the benches on either side of the table, and combined them together in one perfect shot.

april fools 14

Burnt fruit buffet, anyone? This is one of those ideas that sounded great and even tasted great, but didn’t look great. You win some and lose some!

april fools 12

Oops! Lighting is one of the most difficult parts of photography, and even the pros don’t always get it right. This shot lightened everything in the background, except for one wandering crew member’s ghost-like straw hat.

april fools 11

A beautiful vase, but that small rock just isn’t going to get enough water, is it? April Fool’s! This was another styling experiment that sounded great in theory, but didn’t turn out how we wanted on film. Take 2!

april fools 9

No patio dining space is complete without a man waving a giant metallic fan, right? Just kidding — sometimes our talented crew gets caught in the crossfire of our shoots.

april fools 7

Another oops! This crew member couldn’t sneak out of the shot in time.

april fools 6

Yum, Mom’s famous rock loaf! We love taking risks in our styling, but this oversized rock just didn’t feel quite right in a table setting.


Wedding gone wrong? April Fools! We just captured an impromptu bride and groom in the background of this shot.

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