An Italian Adventure: Florence

Have you dreamed about hopping a plane to Italy and then exploring the countryside in a Fiat? That’s exactly what one of our Pottery Barn merchants did, and Millie’s graciously sharing her photos, tips and trip highlights in our four-part series, An Italian Adventure. Today, we’re tagging along with Millie on her day in Florence.


“My first glimpse of the Duomo! Brunelleschi’s dome is the signature view of Florence’s skyline. Spotting this 500+ year-old feat of engineering strikes you with awe.”


“Anywhere I travel, I always make a stop in the central market. Florence’s market is a great place to see what goes into some of Italy’s most delicious food — and have some, too. The food stalls here are great for lunch!”



“Recommended by a local friend for a classic Bistek Fiorentina, Cammillo Trattoria did not disappoint.”


“Souvenir shopping in Florence. I brought back a pair of bright green leather gloves! Madova has been doing one thing incredibly well since 1919 — making fantastic leather gloves. The classic styles are updated each year with fun new colors. I like to think that Pottery Barn does the same thing with our classics, like the Textured Linen Pillow, PB Classic Towels, and Cambria Dinnerware.”


“Everywhere you look in Florence provides inspiration. You are enveloped by beauty, surrounded by works of art from the greatest masters of all time  in the architecture of the buildings and frescos in the churches. All of this inspires some of the most impressive chalk drawings i’ve ever seen.”streetartflorence


Make sure to check back tomorrow to see where Millie’s traveling to next!

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