An Inspiring Engagement Shoot With Plenty of Pottery Barn Love


Wedding planner and stylist Jill La Fleur and Alea Lovely Photography planned this inspirational shoot for newly engaged couples starring several Pottery Barn accessories. La Fleur’s love for Fall initiated the idea for this shoot. “Being from Chicago originally, I absolutely love fall and was excited to do something a little different from what you normally see in California.”

alealovely-62A fiery red dress and our Martin Fair Isle Cozy Throw pay tribute to the season’s brightest hues and stand out against a neutral California backdrop.


alealovely-79Oso Flaco Lake, on California’s Central Coast, offered the team a secluded environment where they could bring their vision of an afternoon stroll, lakeside picnic and beach exploration to life.

alealovely-81“The lake is a bit of an undiscovered beauty and very romantic,” says La Fleur.

alealovely-95Our cozy knits and plaids from this season were a perfect match for the location. La Fleur mixed textures and patterns in clothing and props to create an elegant, stylish, cozy and casual setting.


She even used a Cozy Cable Knit Throw and a Jacquelyne Rattan Curve Lidded Basket to set up an impromptu picnic for the magnetic couple.

alealovely-97Behind the scenes tidbit: Although this inspirational shoot stars two models, their chemistry was so great that the models planned to get together for a date after the photo shoot.

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