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An Awe-Inspiring Pottery Barn Thanksgiving

Here at Pottery Barn, we love a beautifully set table, but also know that the most special tables are the ones surrounded by friends and family. That’s why we love Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to reunite with all of our loved ones over a special meal.



To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to revisit these gorgeous photos shot on site at a special bridge in Maine. What makes this bridge even more fitting for a Thanksgiving photo shoot is its status as a favorite wedding location. Whether for weddings or holidays, the bridge naturally lends itself to important gatherings.

These catalog photos was staged on Sunday River Bridge, also known as Artist’s Covered Bridge. The most painted and photographed covered bridge in Maine, it’s located on Sunday River Road in Newry, Maine. Sunday River Bridge, an 87-feet-long Paddleford truss bridge, was built in 1872. The bridge was closed to traffic over 50 years ago, with a new bridge located downstream.


Picturesque from any angle, wouldn’t you agree?



Whether you’re holding your Thanksgiving celebration in a singular location such as this, or on the same dining table that has hosted decades of holiday meals, we hope that this holiday is filled with happiness for you and yours.

And of course, good food and libations.

Please do share details about your planned Thanksgiving feast with us by leaving a comment below.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have my table all ready, filled with Pottery Barn items, including the large hurricane candles and the Fresco Turkey plates. But I only bought one set, and now I find out that my parents decided to come, and I need two more plates, but OH NO! They are no longer available! And my mother’s name is Helen, and you keep showing those plates anyway, with the placecard “Helen” next to it. I am so frustrated that I can’t get anymore of these beautiful plates. I never dreamed I’d have more than four guests as my parents live 700 miles away. Surprise! But my table is beautiful.

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