A Global Bohemian Table Styled by Mango Muse Events

We met with Jamie Chang, mango lover and owner of Mango Muse Events to talk about her vibrant global bohemian table design and how she came up with the idea for her vignette at our wedding blog launch party at Blu Bungalow.  Keep reading to find out about her favorite Pottery Barn pieces and her tips for planning inspiring weddings from near and far.


Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and Mango Muse Events?  

A: I’m originally from Hawaii, but I’ve been living in the Bay Area for a while now, and this is now home.  I started event planning on the corporate side, but eventually, switched over to weddings because I love the personal side.  I love that I get to be a part of and help shape what will be a memory for both the couple and their close family and friends.  It’s a very special celebration and to be able to make that experience amazing for a couple is very rewarding.  Mango Muse Events has been around for just about 5 years, and we specialize in customized destination weddings both near and far.  We celebrate individuality and design events that embrace who our couples are and their unique story.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your table design?

A: Since the overarching theme was global bohemian, we created an imaginary couple to draw inspiration from as we would normally do with a real couple.  Our imaginary couple was avid travelers who enjoyed exploring different countries and cultures.  From their travels, they have picked up pieces from different locations – Tuscany, Morocco, India, Bali and incorporated their travels into their home.  These pieces are treasures of sorts, either vintage or new.  They like mixing all the bits of themselves and where they’ve been so that their home is a collection of memories through found objects.  Their style is eclectic but harmonious, bright and natural.


Q: What was your favorite Pottery Barn item used and why did you select it?  

A: Can I pick more than one? There were so many fun pieces that I might  have to! The first piece that started the inspiration for me was the Sevilla Bowl.  It has a bit of old world sensibility to it but is also modern and fun.  I think the design is great.  Another item I liked were the Vintage Keys because they can be used in all sorts of ways – hanging on the wall, collected in a vase or as place card holders as how I used them.  I also liked the Colton Lanterns for not only the shape, but also the hammered glass.  It’s different and has a dream-like quality to it. Another favorite of mine was the Block Print Napkins.  The prints itself were great, and the variety gives everyone something different, but it still all works together visually.  And lastly the Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers. It’s a small item, but such a fun touch and keeps a meal light-hearted.

Q: Can you share any secrets or tips?

A: Know who you are and what you like. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! No one is just one style (i.e. just modern or just rustic), so I think it’s about picking pieces that you gravitate towards and then working them together so that it’s a unique reflection of what you like and who you are.  With that being said, there is such a thing as over designing or styling. Sometimes you do have to restrain yourself or just not put everything out at the same time.  In these cases, you can group items together and change them out every so often so that you keep things fresh, but is still reflective of your tastes.


Q: Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples that are starting the wedding planning process?  

A: With weddings as with styling, it’s about being true to yourself. There is so much that goes into a wedding – time, money and care (and sometimes blood, sweat and tears) that it only makes sense to do it your way.  While you do need to take care of your guests, how you do things and what you choose should be about you two and what is important to you.  It doesn’t matter how big your budget is if you stay true to yourself both individually and as a couple with all your decisions, it makes such a difference in the experience.  You’ll have such a happier time planning and a better time at the wedding itself.

Styling: Mango Muse Events

Photography: Milo and Olin

Floral Design: Huckleberry Karen

Chairs: Classic Party Rentals

Shop this look from Pottery Barn:

Soup Bowls: Sevilla Bowls

Salad Plates: Gabriella Dinnerware

Dinner Plates: Cambria Dinnerware – Turquoise Blue

Glassware: Casa Recycled Glassware

Votive Cups: Cassidy Votive Cups

Flatware: Shiny Hammered Flatware

Place Cards: Vintage Keys 

Salt and Pepper Shakers: Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers


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