A Campfire Cocktail and S’Mores Party

Looking for a fun evening party concept that will adult both the adult and kid sets? We talked to Jenny from Bloom Designs to discover the secrets to the success of her cocktails and s’mores party. We think it’s a perfect way to celebrate the end of summer, Labor Day or an early fall gathering. Keep reading to hear what Jenny has to say about this party!


We love the idea of creating a s’mores/campfire party for Labor Day weekend. What would you say are the most important elements for the party?

To create a great s’mores bar, you need a variety of ingredients. Grocery stores now offer a good selection of flavored marshmallows.  Beyond traditional vanilla, you can buy strawberry, mint and even cinnamon roll. You should also offer a selection of chocolates.  For this s’mores bar, I had milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cookies and cream bars. Next, you need a few toppings options. From fresh and dried fruit to peanut butter, coconut, even crushed pretzels, the choices are endless. When selecting your options, pick items that work well together.  You want to your guest to be successful when creating their s’mores.  Other elements for a great s’mores/campfire party are pretty obvious- a big fire, a well stocked cocktail bar, comfortable seating (for this party, I bought some bales of straw) and good friends!
What was your inspiration for the dessert bar? 

The inspiration for the dessert table and entire party came from the location.  The lower half of my backyard is filled with stunning oak trees and has been left very natural. It is the perfect setting for an outdoor campfire party.  Since it is both rustic and beautiful, I tired to carry that feeling throughout the party with pretty linens, wooden accessories and candle light.  I was even able to scheduled the party on a night that there would be a full moon. I really wanted to make sure my guest got the most beautiful outdoor evening possible. The location also influenced the neutral color scheme that I used for the decorations, invitations and even the appetizers and desserts. S’mores were the obvious choice for this party.
Can you share the cocktail recipes? 

The Moon Punch was inspired by the color of the Harvest Moon that was out that evening. It is so easy to make.  Simply combine 3 cups of pineapple juice, 2 cups of orange juice and 2-3 cups of vodka to suit your taste. Chill and serve.

What PB products do you consider as must haves for an outdoor party like this?

Pottery Barn has an amazing selection of tabletop items and serving pieces that can be used over and over again.  For this party, I love The Blonde Wood Pedestals, which are great for adding height to your table. You will definitely use these over and over again. I always use Pottery Barn’s Caterer’s Tablecloths for my dinner tables and the Rhodes Drink Dispenser Stand at my beverage station. On your dessert table, you should mix a variety of Great White Platters.  My favorite piece is the Great White Cheese Tray. Since it’s totally flat, it is perfect for displaying almost all desserts.  The Cheese Tray is the first piece I pull out when planning a party.  The best advice that I can give is to look around your home for pieces that add to your party’s theme and mood.  When I needed seating for an outdoor movie party, I took out my PB Basic Sofa.  The guests loved it!

Love it! Canadian fall party under our Maple Trees
You are very talented and an inspiration for having a great time with special , creative touches. Love it

Everything looks simply beautiful! I love the “stand” used for your wine glasses and wine. Would you mind sharing where you purchased it?

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