A Bright and Beautiful Breakfast Room with Our Benchwright Table

Megan of Honey We’re Home knew she wanted her new breakfast room to be both comfortable and beautiful. Most importantly, it had to be durable — a must for a mom of a three-year-old boy. Finding the right table was key, and after some serious searching, she settled on our Benchwright Dining Table. Take a look at her new room, below, and learn more about the design from Megan herself.


Q: Tell me about your design style: What kind of look do you gravitate to?
A: I like a clean, restful space that I can relax in. I’m drawn to modern spaces with a little bit of glam. I’ll add some color and pattern for interest and I have a mirror in every room!

Q: How did you approach designing your breakfast room? What were your main priorities?
A: Our breakfast room is open to the rest of the main floor, so it needed to blend with the living room and kitchen. We had a baby when we bought the table and wanted something that would last us through the toddler years and beyond. I needed something that I didn’t need to treat delicately or be worried about scratching, denting, etc.


Q: Why did you choose the Benchwright table and benches? What about this design appealed to you?
A: The table is rustic and sturdy and the bolt detailing is unique. It seats six on the benches, but you can also add a pair of chairs to the end, or swap out the benches for chairs (like we did in the photo). The benches are perfect for kids to climb onto and they wipe clean easily. I love the shape of this table (especially the thickness of the wood) and the benches. The dark, rich brown color with some variation is beautiful too. It goes great with our dark hardwood floors.


Q: How has the table held up so far?
A: The table has held up great! We have had it for four years now and we eat there daily (multiple times a day) and gather with friends and family frequently. My son and I do projects at the table and I just wipe it clean with a sponge and soapy water. I love that I don’t have to handle it with “kid gloves.” That would get old very fast!

Q: How did you decide on a size?
A: I chose the largest table that would fit the room with people still being able to have space to walk around and through the room, since it’s a passageway to the kitchen, living room and garage.


Q: What came first: The table, or the rest of the decor in the room? Why?
A: The table was the first thing we chose for the room and the decor evolved around that over time. When we moved into this house, we needed a table to eat on, so it was the biggest priority. Also, while changing the curtains and rug are relatively easy when we’re ready for a new look, the table will stay.

I know you are talking about the table… but let’s talk about your curtains, gorgeous!! Are they Kravet fabric…think I saw some similar? What fabric/where did you get them? Must have!

Good morning! I have the same table. I love the wall color and the curtains. Can you assist me with the colors and manufacturers?

Love the Benchwright table but it was a too large for my room. PB’s sumner pedestal table has that same time worn, rustic look. I LOVE your rug! Can you tell me where I can find one like it?

I would love more information on the rug and curtains!!! This is pretty much exactly what I’m looking to achieve in my dining room. All I have to do it re-finish the current table, paint the chairs, purchase a rug and make the curtains. AAkkkkkk! 😉

Hello Megan! I’m a little late getting involved in looking at your beautiful dining room but I am wondering if you would be kind enough to tell me where you purchased your beautiful area rug. I finally saved up enough money to buy an apartment and I am now attempting to decorate. Every day is spent trying to find a rug that will not only go with my tobacco brown leather chairs and oatmeal linen couch but that I also really like. Love yours.
Thank you so much,

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