Pottery Barn traveler gift basket

A Beautiful Mess Offers 5 Gifts For Your Jet Set Friend

Do you have one of those friends who is never home?  They always seem to be off on some adventure?  Away at some exotic location? Well Elsie from A Beautiful Mess does and rather than fight it,  she is embracing their jet set lifestyle and curated a gift basket that is a traveler’s dream come true! Not only can they use it during the holiday travel, but long into the new year as well! Elise shared a few tips on how to create this most awesome gift basket for you most well-traveled pal:

1.) Use a cute duffle as the gift bag: Instead of a traditional gift bag for all the traveling goodies, use a duffle bag to slip your presents into instead. We used the Weekender Bag from the Buffalo Check Saddle Travel Collection. Not only will it deliver the goods in an adorable fashion, they can use the duffle bag in their travels once all the presents are unpacked.

Pottery Barn traveler gift basket copy

2.) Treat them to a relaxing bath: At the end of a long day of travel, all you want to do is fall into a relaxing soak in a big tub so include a few amenities to create their own little mini-spa at the end of the journey—candles optional! You can wrap these little amenities in these cute Velvet Floral Cosmetic Bags, and we also used the Toiletry Case from the Buffalo Check Saddle Collection.

Pottery Barn traveler gift basket

Pottery Barn traveler gift basket

3.) Cozy up their hotel room with a plush robe: Let them climb out of their spa tub experience into this extra cozy Faux Fur Robe and continue to relax away all the travel stress of the day. With big pockets and faux fur hood, what’s not to love?

Pottery Barn traveler gift basket

4.) Add a pedicure set inside comfy Faux Fur Slippers: Let them primp and polish their toes a bit before sliding their fabulous feet into a soft pair of slippers. The slippers can do double duty in both hotel rooms and on long flights, so they’ll get plenty of use for sure!


Pottery Barn traveler gift basket

5.) Slip in some reading material: Passing the times on planes will be a breeze if you include a good book or a few magazines that you know they’ll enjoy. You should never count on the in-flight movie being decent, so it’s best to have a back up plan instead…

6.) Let them unwind with your favorite teas: Since travel can be so stressful at times, include some of your favorite calming tea flavors (like mint or chamomile) in the gift bag so they can enjoy a cuppa whenever they need a bit of relaxation.

7.) Don’t forget snacks for the road: No one likes to travel while hungry, so make sure to include a few snacks for when their flights get delayed, the snack stand just closed, or they forgot to ask for the in-flight vegetarian meal—they’ll be glad you did!

Pottery Barn traveler gift basket

8.) Keep their travels warm with an oversized scarf: Oversized scarves are great to wear in general in the cooler months, but they can also double as blankets on chilly planes or office buildings. When travel space is at a premium, it’s best to pack items that have duel purposes.

9.) Add a journal to help keep them organized: It’s hard to keep track of everything when on the go, so give them a small journal where they organize their thoughts, jot down notes, or make to-do lists while away.

10.) Gift an eyemask so they can catch some sleep: It can be so hard to sleep when in different places every night, so include an eye mask to help get some sleep on the plane, train, or bus—wherever they are!

Pottery Barn traveler gift basket

The best gifts are always personalized gifts and your on-the-go buddy will be thrilled with all the little details Elise thought of in this basket. And while it’s true that you gave all this to them out of the goodness of your heart, who know? Maybe they’ll bring you a cool souvenir back out of gratitude!

Photography: Elsie Larson & Laura Gummerman

This is such a fabulous gift guide! They’re all so practical for someone that loves to travel. I love how you put the gift inside of the duffel bag. Also, that faux fur robe looks so comfortable! Thanks for all the suggestions!

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