8 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Shane Inman is an Interior Designer in New York City. Today, he’s sharing the 8 things you can use to help you upgrade your bedroom’s style.

1. Padded Headboard
A padded headboard adds additional fabric to your bed, so you can tie in more texture and color with your surrounding bedroom fabrics. A wooden headboard tells a story of heirloom quality, whereas a padded headboard brings a sophisticated, boutique-hotel element to your room.


2. Window Treatments
Bare windows can look great in the right setting, but windows covered in fabric soften up a room and tone down harsh sunlight to create ambiance.



3. Chandelier
Whether you’re designing a bachelor pad or a feminine boudoir, replace your existing surface-mounted fixture with a chandelier and watch your bedroom go from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s easy, and can be affordable, too.



4. Throw Pillows
The more throw pillows you have on your bed, the more inviting it appears. Designers love to use pillows because they’re an easy way to add color and texture. Forms should be in every shape, from square to round, and in all varieties of sizes to add volume to the bed, which otherwise can appear very flat. Add a bolster for that extra je ne sais quoi.

5. Painted Ceilings
The traditional white ceiling is great for reflecting light down onto the room, but for a more sophisticated approach, paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. Not only will this trick change the mood of your bedroom for the better, it will also make it appear larger when ceiling and shadow lines disappear.

6. Crown Moldings
It’s all in the details! Adding a 6-inch border of crown molding at the top of your walls will make your bedroom appear more elegant. Moldings act like a frame on a work of art.


7. Floor Covering
A fabulous floor of plush wall-to-wall carpet with a good quality pad will set the tone of unwavering standards. Should you choose classic hardwood floors instead, you will want to purchase a good area rug to further define the space.

8. Seating
Any great bedroom also includes comfortable seating. If your bedroom is too small to accommodate a quintessential Hollywood-style chaise lounge, try a simple upholstered chair or ottoman in a corner.

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I chose a similar bed as the one posted on top and I’m also planning to add more pillows when I reach home; this blog is very informative.

I really love the wicker stool at the foot of the bed in the last picture. Any idea where it can be purchased? Thanks, Sue

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