8 Ways to Design the Perfect Holiday Table Setting

You’ve planned out your menu to a T. You’ve stocked up your bar with all the necessities. You’ve created the perfect playlist to set the mood. Your holiday party is almost ready, except for one thing — the table. When you’ve put this much effort into preparing the perfect holiday meal, you should make sure that your holiday table rises to the same level of excellence. Plain Jane placemats and plates just won’t do.

We talked to two of our expert designers, Trudy and Brett, to get the scoop on how they like to set their tables during the holidays. Read on for 8 of our favorite, easy tips to try this holiday season.

1. Add greenery to your display. Cut branches off the bottom of your Christmas tree and put them into your tablescape, or tie them to the back of your dining chairs with big red bows.

H13sp06RSreportage_ah-07182. Don’t be afraid to be irreverent in your mix. Find things around your home to mix into your tablescape. As long as you stick to a certain category or color, it’ll all come together beautifully.

3. Turn your place-card holders into takeaway items for guests as parting gifts. Try using a little potted plant or a small wrapped scented candle in a box with a bow.

H13sp17_Main_rep_3544. Choose a sparkling napkin ring. It’ll add little extra shimmer to your table. Tuck a small menu inside each one, so your guests can get excited for the meal to come.

H13sp53RSplacesetting_cat_cs_026. Give your plates some glitz. Use a food safe paint that sets in the oven, and paint simple designs in gold around the edges of all white dishes.

7. If you want to put candles in your centerpiece, choose flameless candles. They won’t die down, there’s no fire risk and their scent won’t interrupt the taste of your delicious meal.

H13sp53RStablescape_supercat_cs_01x8. Use different levels when displaying food. Set piles of books on a buffet or sideboard and cover them with a tablecloth. Place each of your serving dishes on different piles — the height will add interest and drama to your dinner party.

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