5 Ways to Transform a Space with Pillows

5 Ways to Transform a Space with Pillows

When we’re in need of a change but don’t want to commit to a total home makeover, there’s one surefire way to transform a space in a matter of minutes: pillows! Decorative pillows can breathe new life into your home each season, complementing your annual surroundings with some seasonal flair.

Using pillows to refresh your space is hardly rocket science, but there are still some quick tips that can make the process even simpler! Take a look below for some inspiration, and be sure to share photos of your perfect pillows on Instagram using hashtag #mypotterybarn!

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Mix Up Shapes & Sizes

Choose pillows in an assortment of sizes and shapes to mix things up. Many decorative pillows come in a standard 18-by-18 inch square, so seek out other shapes and sizes for added visual dimension. Bolsters, round pillows, lumbar pillows and oblong pillows can bring variety to your decor with very little effort.

tile-embroidered-pillow-cover-o medallion-print-pillow-cover-1-o shibori-embroidered-lumbar-pillow-cover-o

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Blend different textures and textiles

Since pillows are a relatively affordable, easy way to change your décor from season to season, they’re a great excuse to take a risk. Don’t just stick to something simple here — mix and match solids, prints, silks, linens, furs, cottons, and more!

mongolian-faux-fur-pillow-cover-frost-gray-o basketweave-pillow-cover-o pieced-leather-pillow-cover-o

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Pull Inspiration from Your Room's Color Palette

Choose an accent color that’ll bring your entire room to life. Try pulling hues from a favorite piece of art in your room — you can still choose bold hues that don’t feel disconnected.

metallic-floral-print-pillow-cover-o trellis-velvet-applique-pillow-cover-o honeycomb-lumbar-pillow-cover-o

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Be playful, not random.

Play on the unexpected, but don’t let your pillow choices feel random. Mixing patterns can give your room a more eclectic look, but if you decide to go that route, keep your pillows in the same size for continuity. If you’d rather mix up sizes, make sure there’s at least one color in common amongst all your pillows.

metallic-suzani-pillow-cover-o ruched-faux-fur-pillow-cover-gray-o

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Even or Odd?

There are all sorts of rules about an even number of pillows versus an odd number of pillows. We say, do what feels right for you! If you enjoy a more eclectic look, try an odd placement. We like nestling two pillows in one corner of the sofa, and one pillow in the other. If you’re a little more traditional, stick to even numbers — two pillows on either side of the couch.

washed-velvet-pillow-cover-o cece-embroidered-pillow-cover-o collette-jacquard-pillow-cover-o


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