5 Travel Essentials You Need For Spring Break

It is almost time for spring break! YAY!  Whether you’re planning a relaxing vacation or just a quick weekend get away, we’re sharing 5 travel essentials you won’t want to leave behind!


Beach Towels: these beach towels are a must-have seaside or poolside and are ultra comfy! Plus, you can make them even extra special by personalizing them with a name.

Backpacks: with a bright pattern, superstrong stitching and lots of compartments to hold all your stuff, a backpack is perfect for whatever adventure you have in store.

Luggage: you’ll need a place to store all of your stuff as you jet-off! Our luggage is efficient, stylish and easy to travel with! Be sure to leave a little space so you can bring home some souvenirs!

Totes: durable and chic, these bags are ideal for toting everything from sunblock to snacks as you get ready to lounge by the pool or beach!

Beauty Pouches: these little pouches are the prefect carry-all for your small items like hair ties, bobby pins, chapstick, sunscreen and more! Use it as a wallet while your soaking up the sun.

Now that you are all packed and read to go, check out the ultimate spring break bucket list we made for you below!


What are you doing for Spring Break? Let us know in the comments!

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