5 Things To Try: March Edition

Happy March, everybody! Confession time…while we adore the fresh new year that January brings, and the air of love in February, we just gotta admit there is something special about knowing that with the month of March comes spring! We’re ready to shed our bundled winter layers in favor of sundresses and maybe even head to the lake if winter decides to sneak off early! Today we bring you 5 things to try as we head into a fresh new season…

1. Spruce up your life with fresh flowers!

daecb2e6ebd78103630b783bd954c1f6The first day of Spring is officially March 20th — but we say start enjoying early with a few fresh blooms in your dorm (or hey…even in your car!). 😉

2. Try a new DIY Project for National Craft Monthpineapplestampedscarf-778x1024

It’s national craft month, which can only mean one thing — lots of DIYs! We’re excited to ditch the heavy scarf in favor of this light linen pineapple scarf we DIYed with A Bubbly Life Blog last summer. Check it out for yourself as a little weekend project this spirng!

3. Make your own homemade donutsBrowned-Butter-Blueberry-Donuts_2

Try out a spring inspired recipe with fresh ingredients. We’re still excited to bake, but instead of the wintery cinnamons and fall flavored pumpkins, we’re opting for fruitier recipes like these yummy blueberry donuts!

4. Try out a new breakfast routinee54a05823205b13902a0fefafd3e57c5

Speaking of food, we’re excited to try out something new for breakfast this month! We’ve spent all winter making yummy hot oatmeals and hot teas, so for spring we’re trying something fresh and cool — yummy and healthy yogurt parfaits! (We have a ton of yummy food ideas over on our Pinterest if you need some inspiration!)

5. Enter our Extraordinary Teens Contest!Extraordinary_IGLastly, don’t forget to enter out extraordinary teens contest this month! You may just end up in one of our catalogues! 😀

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