5 Makeup Kit Tips from Blush Bar, Plus a Giveaway!


Wondering what you’ll need in your makeup bag on the big day? Nicole Nguyen, lead makeup artist and hairstylist of Blush Bar, shared her makeup must-haves for putting together the perfect wedding day kit. Take a look at her five tips below!

I never leave a bride stranded without a few essential items in her touch-up kit. I love Pottery Barn’s Stripe Cosmetic Pouch — is the perfect size for an emergency makeup kit! Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Extra Bobby Pins: For stray hairs and fallen hemlines. Having a few extra of these will come in handy!

2. Touch up Lipstick or Gloss: A bride needs lips! While I would suggest an all day wear color, touching up after the ‘I do’ is a necessity.

3. Extra Powder: Brides put makeup to the test on their wedding day. It can smudge and smear, leaving a bride shiny between tears, dancing, and lots of congratulatory hugs. Powder battles the shine, freshens the skin, and makes a gal picture perfect once again.

4. Pen Concealer or Highlighter: This is often overlooked, but is a must. It fixes under eye smudges and can act as a lip liner (outside the natural line of the lip), and can be used to spot cover instantly. After emotional speeches and wedding vows, don’t be caught without it.

5. Beauty Blender Sponge or Wedge Sponge: I would highly suggest keeping a beauty blender or wedge sponge for clean ups in your kit! Wet, they can reapply a concealer thinly in the areas brides tend to get red post cry (around the nose and eyes), and can gently blend any tear marks left behind. Dry, they can be used to absorb oil and reapply powder.

Feeling fancy or generous? Create one of these kits as gifts in the Pottery Barn Alphabet Pouch for each of your bridesmaids with her initials, or give her the Leopard Brush Pouch with a few of your favorite brushes.


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Model: Michelle Winn

Hair and Makeup: Nicole Nguyen

Photography: Milou and Olin Photography

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