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5 Finishing Ideas for your Nursery

Written by Ashley Pepitone of Camp Makery for Building Blocks.

Bringing your dream nursery together isn’t as easy as it may sound. Even though I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my peach and gold nursery, there were still a few unexpected things I learned in the process. Here are the top five pieces of advice that truly put the finishing touches on my baby girl’s space.


1. Choose your paint color last.  Once you have chosen your bedding and some other decor choose a color from there. Have it color matched and go two to three shades lighter if need be. For my nursery, I pulled a turquoise from one of the pillow fabrics and went two shades lighter.


2. Upgrade your lighting. There is nothing like switching out existing light fixtures to instantly make any room feel custom. I fell in love with the Pagoda Chandelier and it ended up setting my direction for the rest of the room.


3. Choose meaningful art. I stuck with artwork made by local artists (and I’m lucky enough to call them friends) in addition to special pieces painted by big sister Delaney. For about $20 worth of canvases, acrylic paint and various sized brushes, big sis got a special activity to make her feel part of the process and the nursery gained one-of-a-kind artwork!


4. Repaint, revamp, repeat. The side table and geometric mirrors were both vintage finds and a coat of paint took them from dated to divine in about three minutes flat! Bottom line: when buying vintage or thrift goods, look for shapes and details that catch your eye — colors can be changed easily.

5. Buy quality linens for baby. When it comes to the textiles that will touch my baby’s skin regularly (like bedding and towels), quality is so important. My Pottery Barn Kids towels are the softest I’ve ever found and I’ve been loyally buying them since my first was born. Plus, colors stay true through the many, many washes your linens will go through!


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