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30 Days To A New Organized You + Contest

The research is still out on how long it takes to start a habit.  Some research says 21 days while other studies say it doesn’t matter the duration but the number of repetitions (30-40 to be exact) before an action becomes a habit.  Regardless of whether you approach it from a time or repetition stance, the question still remains, how long has it been since you got into the habit of being organized?  When was the last time gave your house a deep clean and got yourself prepared?  Be honest now, did most of the things you tried to get rid of in 2015 stop and take residence in the garage, basement or worse “the closet of shame”?  If you are like us in the office, we understand your pain and are with you on the need to purge, lighten  and be able to enjoy the things we have.  It’s this reason why we are launching our newest contest, 30 Days Of Organization …

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We want to see during the month of January how you are getting organized to take 2016 head on!  We want to see your best tips and tricks on how you keep your family (and yourself) organized.  How do you get your kids to put away their toys?  What’s your secret to avoiding clutter at the door way.  How did you whip your garage into a state that perfection?  Share your tips on Instagram with the hashtag #pbgetsorganized to be entered for a chance to win $500 of organizational accessories!  The more you enter, the more chances you have to win so show off your organizing prowess!

Throughout the month of January, check our Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter for tips and how-tos on how to say organized and conquer the clutter demon!  We are aiming to show 2016 who is the boss when it comes to organization …. and to find the other shoe we lost in the back of the closet, but for now baby steps.

Click here for 30 Days of Organization Official Rules

We really need help with shelving. We have collections we want to display, but need shelves to do it. thanks for the opportunity to win.

Touching that mail only once is my goal this month. Laying it down on table, counter, or other surfaces becomes clutter and another chore. Throw it away or file as bill to be paid,etc.

Each child has their own color of certain items. It really helps organize and speed things up sometimes. Everyone knows their color. Rachel is pink. Taylor is green. We incorporate this in many areas. I even buy socks that have that color on it, whether it’s a stripe or polka dot. It helps!

Dkip the “clean a room” strategy…instead, start with categories—wearables, office supplies, linens, kitchen utensils,etc and do each category TOTALLY all through your house or apartment before moving to next category!

We buy our kids organizers to help them learn to put away toys and their other items. A spot for everything helps to keep it clean.

To organize screws, nails, twist ties, etc – we use small tupperware containers that are stackable and contents easily viewable through the clear plastic.

#pbgetsorganized The first thing you have to is to throw anything that you do not use. Make 3 pile: a keep pile, a throwaway pile, and a charity pile. Once you have done this, you will have much less to organize.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to reply every time I enter, but I just put away things at the time I need to. I am organized on the outside, but cuboards not so much..

I own 2 full time businesses and also run another persons business for 17 years. I could not do it without pottery barns organization. I love my Whitney desk and it allows me to keep all 3 businesses in their own organized places. Thank you pottery barn for all your obsessive compulsive organized ideas. Love them!

I cannot get my life organized to my lady’s satisfaction: my three boys have an inability to keep their cleaned laundry off the floor; and if it is picked up off the floor it just gets tossed on their beds. As to their school stuff, it occupiers every space in the house, cleaned or not. I need help.!!

I am always looking for better solutions of being better organized. I have listened to talks on this subject and am open to suggestions and better products, methods.

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