3 Ways to Make an All-White Bed

3 Ways to Make an All-White Bed

Want to make your bedroom feel instantly fresh and more luxurious? We have two words for you: white bedding! It may not be as bright or as bold as other colors, but we absolutely love layering white; it’s timeless, it’s inviting, and it leaves plenty of room for creativity. Layers of white sheets and blankets make a bed feel clean, crisp, and relaxing, providing a timeless and classic look that’s always in season. With so many different fabrics and textures to choose from, the look of a master or guest bedroom will always seem fresh.

There are almost too many white bedding options to count, but by following a few simple style basics, it’s easy to make your bed feel like it’s personal, sophisticated, and effortlessly stylish!

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3 Ways to Make an All-White Bed

Layered Casual

Hotel Elegance

  • Go for an embroidered duvet
  • Turn down sheets with detail
  • Top it off with a throw!

Ruffled Romance

  • Tuck-in pretty white sheets.
  • Ruffle it up with luxurious pillows.
  • Luxe it up with fabulous faux fur!

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Styling the Perfect All-White Bed

Focus on choosing different fabrics and textures that appeal to you — such as linen, sateen, or silk — keeping the season in mind, as well. Linen is known for being light and breezy, making it a perfect option for warm summer months, whereas wool is thick, warm, and ideal for cuddling up on a cold winter night. By switching out just a few pieces like shams, duvet covers, or decorative pillows, you can change up the look and feel of a room quickly without having to completely redesign the space.

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Make all white work in the bedroom by adding several layers to the bed, making it look inviting, plush, and cozy. The bottom layer should consist of the sheets; for maximum comfort, choose high-quality sheets made of classic percale, sateen or linen. Next, put a duvet or comforter on the bed, followed by a quilt as your final layer.

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Choosing shams that coordinate with the duvet or quilt give the bed a streamlined appearance. For a classic hotel feel, opt for shams that have straight lines and contrasting embroidery along the edge. To give your bed an eclectic look, mix up the fabrics! Remove wrinkles quickly and keep the fabric fresh by lightly spraying water infused with fragrance on the surface. The bed will be guest-ready in just a matter of minutes!

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You spend a huge portion of your life in bed, so it really should be a comforting, relaxing oasis. The best part about all-white bedding? Everything matches, so it’s easy to make the bed look as layered — or as simple — as you want. At the end of the day, it’s bedding; you’re not going to break anything, so just have fun!

Get inspired by all of our gorgeous options for white bedding now!

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