10 Organizing Tips from a Pottery Barn Designer

Still need to get started on your organizing resolutions for this year? Hey, we get it — life gets busy, and organizing can’t always be your top priority. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We did a Facebook chat with our resident organizing expert Angela to answer your top organization questions, and help make your life easier in 2014. Take a look at her top 10 tips from the chat, below.
organizing21. Make kid’s storage portable. “Everything needs to be on wheels and movable. Our Jacquelyne Recycling Bins can work for storage anywhere in the home, and come divided so you can put plush toys, small toys and keep things in each compartment, and wheel them into a closet or little nook.”

2. Keep your entry clean and simple. “I’d suggest keeping your wall of hooks as a clean, simple statement, and use some of our more decorative statements as a place to put your keys, so it maintains that clean aesthetic. You can create a whole wall moment with the Hannah Wall Basket system so everyone in your family has a place to put their hat, scarves and more.”
organizing13. Make organizing beautiful. “Our Gabrielle Organization System is inspired by Shaker style, which is about keeping everything clean, simple and off the floor. It makes utility beautiful, and it looks more like a piece of furniture than storage or organization.”

organizing44. Use lids to save style. “What’s great about our Daytrip Cube Lidded Basket is that you can throw all your children’s toys in there and they disappear. You close the lid and they’re out of sight, out of mind. You can also use them as a side table! The sophistication of the design makes it feel much more adult.”

5. Cleaning with kids isn’t easy. “If you can make it a fun process, that’s great. Pottery Barn Kids Canvas Storage can be monogrammed and comes in different colors and some fun stripes. Depending on what you put on them, you can make cleaning up a game. You can monogram ‘Round’ onto hamper for children’s toys that are round, and monogram ‘Square’ onto a hamper for things that are square. Or you can do it by color!”

doggie6. Don’t forget Fido! “Our Doggie Toy Basket comes in small and large sizes to organize all your dog’s toys, clothes (We know you have them!), leashes and more. You can also look at our Doggie Entry Organizer, which is a two-shelf system with hooks. It’s the perfect grab and go system. Plus, it has a cute monogrammable bone and small bag for poop bags so you can have one for each of your dogs!”

7. Know that your needs will change with time. “The Gabrielle system can work with any size space. You can put it over a desk, under a stairway, create a whole wall moment, or mix it with other pieces of furniture. It grows with you as your needs change.”

8. Declutter before doing anything else. “You don’t want to buy stuff to keep stuff. But that said, you do have those special treasures you just can’t part with. The precious objects you want to hang on to can become display pieces or works of art that you put into our Rustic Frame Shadow Boxes and hang with the rest of your family’s pictures. But question whether or not you really need to save it.”
organizing59. Don’t be discouraged by open floor plans. “Make your entry feel like a warm and inviting space that goes with your living room. You can start with our Wade Bench that has plenty of storage, and do an accent basket next to it — try our Grain Basket — and then a gallery wall moment with our Gallery in a Box using your favorite family photos. Don’t forget a statement coat rack, like our Parker Coat Rack!”

organizing710. Hang on to those beloved magazines! “Our Leather Storage Tote — it’s a chic way to store your subscriptions! You can also use it to hold firewood, or throws, or whatever else you need.”

Bonus tip: Don’t be too hard on yourself. “Don’t forget, none of us are perfect and organizing is a lifelong process. “

In the first picture, where are the hooks from – I can’t find them on the PB website. And the rack that holds the shoes/boots?


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