10 Design Tips For A Small Bedroom

smallbedroomLooking to refresh your room but don’t have the space to do it? No problem! We’re sharing a few tips to transform a tiny space into one that looks (and feels!) like a master suite!

1. A corner desk helps maximize space. When it comes to designing a smart and efficient study area, don’t cut corners. Use our Rowan Desk to expand your space – and your options – in classic style.

2. Anchor the room with a soft rug. Pro tip: stripes aren’t just timeless—they’re also a great way to incorporate colors from around the room.

3. A loft bed makes the most of your space from all the added storage it provides to the perfectly organized study area underneath. The built-in corkboard gives you a place to display awards, notes, photos and more.

4. A well-placed mirror opens up the space and reflects light and color for a beautiful effect. Frameless and with decorative etching, these little mirrors bring vintage inspiration to your space.

5. Woven baskets mixed with open and closed shelving provide plenty of room for books and more.

6. A faux fur butterfly chair adds cozy seating that can move around the room or fold for storage as needed.

7. Get creative with storage! Try metal shelving in unexpected shapes and sizes.

8. Create a gallery wall with a collection of black-and-white photos in simple black frames to add dimension to your space.

9. A beautiful trunk can double as an accent table. It is storage, extra seating and a lounge table all rolled up into one space saving trunk!

10. An over-the-door shoe holder makes the most of limited closet space—without having to sacrifice floor space!

Do you have a small bedroom? How do you save space? Share your ideas with us below! Have a design question? Ask us in the comments!

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