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10 Clever Ways to Use Baskets

January’s almost over, and for some of us, that means we have just a few days to get that organization resolution in order for 2014. As we’ve learned here at Pottery Barn, decluttering is the key to a successful reorganization project. Part of that means avoiding buying things just to store everything out of sight. Shoving everything into a gigantic plastic bin isn’t organizing — it’s hiding.

This year, we’re inspired to use baskets to keep our lives clean, controlled and free of chaos. They’re beautiful, sturdy and can hold virtually anything. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to use baskets in the home — you’d be surprised at how flexible this storage solution can be!


 A side table with storage. A lidded basket can store extra blankets and pillows for company, but hold magazines, books and a cup of tea next to your favorite reading chair, too.


Tabletop tray. A woven tray or even a basket lid can be put on top of a coffee table or console to hold mail, keys or displayed treasures.


Under an ottoman. Putting a tray on top of an ottoman makes a great, instant coffee table. But what about underneath? Shallow baskets can help store magazines and games without interrupting the piece’s look.


Keep table necessities handy. Whether you eat in the kitchen or at the dining room table, keep napkins, flatware and a few extra dishes handy with wire baskets that keep everything visible.


Store kitchen tools. Don’t just cram your kitchen tools into drawers — these much-loved utensils have a beauty all their own. Keep your must-haves out on display with crock baskets like these.


Make a style statement. Sometimes shelving just isn’t an option in a room. This living room made the most of a corner space by stacking lidded baskets in a pretty but utilitarian display that can store all living room necessities.


Take out the recycling. Stop hiding your recycling bin under the sink! A basket with wheels can hold paper recycling and make taking out the trash a breeze.


Under your bed. Get rid of those clear plastic bins under the bed and store your seasonal clothes in style. Shallow baskets with wheels pull in and out of underbed spaces with ease.


Store extra plates. When kitchen storage space is at a premium, some things have to be taken out of the cupboards. Round baskets allow spare plates to be stored on open shelving without worrying about dust or accidently swiping one off a shelf.


Put a plant on display. Give your favorite houseplant a worthy place to live — simply place its pot in a small basket, and take it out when it needs to be watered.

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