We Explore Every Flavor of San Francisco’s Creme Brulee Cart

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Our crush on San Francisco’s Crème Brulee Cart began in 2009, when it first appeared as a small pushcart on the streets of the Mission neighborhood in the city. Curtis Kimball started his charming business on a small, handmade pushcart. Dressed in a chef’s hat and jacket, he’d wheel it around, toting his pre-made treats and a torch to give them their signature crispy top.


Five years later, the Crème Brulee Cart has a faithful following, a licensed cart in the Financial District, several signature flavors, a truck that makes regular appearances all over the Bay Area and a potential retail location in the Mission.


We went to go visit the Crème Brulee team at their kitchen in San Francisco’s SOMA district, where they let us try some of their best items on the menu, and one brand new chocolate, nutella and peanut butter blend (it’s amazing, trust us). Pictured above is one of their classic flavors: Vanilla topped with a homemade salted caramel sauce.


Both come with a variety of toppings that customers can pick from. Pictured here: Caramelized pecans and crumbled cookie mix in our Great White Espresso Cups.


Needless to say, we licked the bowls clean after this shoot was over. We love the Creme Brulee Cart’s innovative way of bringing smiles to the streets of San Francisco!

Learn more about San Francisco’s Crème Brulee Cart and come visit them the next time you’re in San Francisco!

5 thoughts on “We Explore Every Flavor of San Francisco’s Creme Brulee Cart

  1. Han

    Yum!!! I will be in S.F. in a few weeks for business and will definitely going to make a visit! This will be my first trip to S.F. and have been asking friends and family for food places to visit. Thanks for the post!

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