Tipis, Mustangs and Rustically Luxurious Decorating Moments

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Nevada ranch owner and Pottery Barn customer Madeliene Pickens recently sent us these gorgeous images from her Nevada ranch. Pickens is set to launch Mustang Monument, a wild horse eco-resort, this coming spring. The new eco resort will cater to guests interested in seeing wild mustangs in their natural habitat, with guests staying in a range of chic outdoor accommodations. Mustang Monument is located on a sprawling property that encompasses two ranches. Counting the public lands combined with the ranches, the property spans an unbelievable 900 square miles.

While some of the accommodations will include safari tents from South Africa that will be used for base camp, Pickens told us that tipis have been the most popular choice with visitors. “As I got going with the project I realized we have the best response with the tipis,” she told us. “It is American, and we also show you can have your creature comforts [with the tipis].”


Pickens had all of the tipis custom painted. The unique patterns and colors add a vibrant touch to the landscape.


In this photo, visitors to the ranch head out on a wagon ride. When the eco-ranch opens, Pickens told us that this will be a regular part of the guests’ stay. “We’ll have teams of mules and teams of horses and take the people out to have lunch and see the horses run and play,” Pickens said.


An outdoor dining area with style to spare takes advantage of the great vistas at the ranch. When the ranch opens, there will be several outdoor areas like this in which guests can socialize. Pickens also plans on expanding the ranch’s food production to include growing organic vegetables and making cheeses, breads, and other food for the guests.


Layered wool rugs and plush bedding make the interior of this tipi the furthest thing from roughing it. Pickens turned to Pottery Barn to outfit most of the tipis.


A visit from  a mustang is a perfect way to end the day. Pickens told us that while many people go on safari in Africa to see wild animals, they often overlook the wild animals here in the States. “They’ll truly get the feeling of what wild is like when they come to Mustang Monument,” she told us. Judging from these images, we’re inclined to agree with her.

Source: All photos by Michael Partenio 


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