Three Unexpected Ways to Make the Bubbly Last Well Past Your New Year’s Eve Party

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Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve at a bustling party or are planning a more cozy gathering closer to home, chances are you’re likely including a bottle of champagne in your festivities. We were curious if there were any innovative ways to re-use the cork once it was popped off the bottle of bubbly. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to upcycle that most humble element of the New Year’s Eve party. While these three projects are available for sale, you could easily DIY your own cork project, too.


This Succulent Magnet Planter plant contains a Crassula argentea compacta, or Mini Jade, paired with Crassula lycopodiode. It only requires a light misting of water about once a week for care. Fasten it to your fridge or any other magnetic surface that will receive a bit a sunshine.


This Champagne Cork Wreath from Gary Coon provides a festive alternative to an evergreen wreath. Gary told us that each wreath takes about 400 bottles of wine or champagne corks to create. While the wreaths on his Pinterest account are already sold, you can also order custom wreaths from him.


If you’re more interested in fashion than decor, we’ve found a very fun way to take your love of the bubbly to the next level. This party-wear-worthy bauble would fit right in at a New Year’s Eve bash. Can you think of a better conversation starter? The Champagne Cork Ring is created from immersing a slice of the cork in resin. It comes with an adjustable band and is available in a number of different champagnes.


Have you seen any innovative ways to decorate with champagne corks? We’d love to hear about them!

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