The Story Behind Pottery Barn’s Holiday Catalog Trees

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Over the past few weeks, Pottery Barn fans have taken to Twitter, Facebook and the blog to inquire about the type of trees used in this year’s holiday catalog. To answer your questions, we went straight to the source. Silvertip Tree Farm, located outside of Yosemite National Park in California, provided the trees for the holiday catalog. Gena, who runs the farm along with her husband, Jim, graciously shared some background on the trees. If you’re interested in purchasing a tree, you can visit Silvertip Tree Farm’s local tree stand in North Fork, CA, or order a tree online — Silvertip Tree Farm delivers to all 50 states. How did you get connected with Pottery Barn for the holiday catalog? “We received a phone call from your senior art director, who wanted wanted 10- 12 foot trees for your catalog shoot. It was very exciting to be asked to supply the Christmas trees for the Pottery Barn catalog. It was a wonderful experience to work with [your team] to pick out the perfect trees.” What was it like to cut Christmas trees in June for the Pottery Barn catalog shoot?  “Cutting tree in June gets us in the Christmas spirit for the rest of the year. We are getting used to it; a lot of folks are planning Christmas year around. We have delivered somewhat wilted trees in July to hot Las Vegas for a Christmas demo, we provided trees for another catalog shoot, for Christmas commercials and for the Brothers and Sisters  TV show. . . Your catalog shoot was the most exciting and we really wanted you to be happy with the trees. We were very happy to hear how pleased [you and your customers] were.” Can you tell us a little about why it was important to you to become a sustainable tree farm? “I’m very proud of the fact we are a certified Family Forest with the American Tree Farm Systems. I consider myself a conservationist and believe in the wise usage of our natural resource. It comes from my upbringing. This area we live in is my ancestral home, home of the North Fork Mono [Tribe]. My grandfather instilled values of conservation that he was raised by, but also the fact that we can utilize our resources and still improve the property.” Why do you think silvertips are such great trees? “Silvertips are a beautiful ornament tree [that can] stand out on its own with its natural beauty and only a few special ornaments. They are very hardy and a slow growing tree that grows at high elevation of the Sierra Nevada and lower Cascade Range. They have sturdy limbs for heavy ornaments. I love the silvery tips, which appear after a cold frost. John Muir gave the California Red fir the name Silvertip because its new growth turns silver after it gets very cold.” Do you have any great tips for making your Christmas tree last longer? “Watering your tree is the most important thing you need to do to preserve your tree through the holiday season. We cut our trees and then immediately put them in water the very same day, this helps to keep them fresh.” What tree from the Pottery Barn holiday catalog is your favorite? “My favorite Pottery Barn Christmas trees are the Arctic and the Jewel! [I love] the Arctic tree with the little white owls, and the Jewel tree is so beautiful — it reminds me of when I was a child, with all the colorful ornaments.” Interested in ordering a tree? Order a tree or wreath from Silvertip Tree Farm today! Or, if you need a little more background on finding that perfect tree, check out our tips.

24 thoughts on “The Story Behind Pottery Barn’s Holiday Catalog Trees

  1. Michele

    We have bought a Silvertip tree from the North Fork farm for the past eight years. Every year we are struck by the beauty of these trees and the way they showcase special ornaments. It was exciting to see our favorite trees styled so expertly in our Pottery Barn catalog! We’ll be heading to North Fork some time in the next couple of weeks to pick up our tree – looking forward to candy canes, hot chocolate, and the fire ring!

  2. Cindy Dupree

    I have been searching so hard to find out what kind of trees these are! I am so happy to finally know! I would love to purchase one of these but due to allergies, I need to find an artificial one. Does anyone know where I might find one? Thank you so much for this information!

  3. Sarah

    My mother and I were both searching the Pottery Barn catalog to find out about those trees. They are the perfect ornament trees with so much nice space for our favorites. I am bummed to hear they aren’t artificial as we, like others, have allergies and can’t have real. But I definitely wanted Silvertip Farms and Pottery Barn to know we loved them.

  4. Denise Weaver

    I want to know when an artifical reproduction of this wonderful tree will be available. Can’t imagine sending one of these trees to North Carolina, although I’m sure they would.

  5. Pat

    I love the look of these trees and they remind me of old feather trees. I too would love to know if any manufacturer makes an artifical one. There has to be someone out there who knows of one! They’re great!

  6. Sandra

    I am another person who has severe allergies and really want one it artificial too. Please post if you find one to order. I have over the years bought and received so many special ornaments and as I get older I want to cherish each one and this tree is perfect. Pottery Barn – we’re loving this tree…

  7. Karen

    I have allergies too and having grown up in California have been searching for the tree of my memories. Please someone make us a reproduction for all our favorite ornaments.

  8. Liz

    PotteryBarn – please make an artificial tree like the ones you have in your catalog so your customers can purchase. I really thought the trees in the catalog were artificial.

  9. Marcie

    Please also tell your designers to make the trunk look like bark, not that fuzzy look on the artificial tree at the link someone posted.

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  11. kate

    Are the real ones at this farm grown with all the space between the layers of branches (which makes them look like the Danish or Feather Trees? OR, did someone cut out branches to shape them this way, so the ornaments hang in that layer of space?

    1. Tam

      As early as the mid 1970’s my mother stumbled upon a tree lot in Northern California that always stocked the most beautiful Silvertip trees. The lot would contact my Mom each year once they arrived and we never had any other type of tree. My siblings and I continue the tradition and they’re absolutely wonderful. The branches are strong and horizontal with plenty of space naturally between them. The space between branches might appear contrived, but they actually grow as pictured in the PB catalog. They’re perfect for ornaments! For years I’ve been searching for an authentic artificial silvertip tree. Hoping that PB will sell an authentic 7 to 8 foot replica that isn’t too wide. I’d pay handsomely for a good quality tree and storage box/bag.


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