Smart Style Tips For the Autumn Bedroom

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In our daily lives, whether it’s relating to our wardrobes or our homes, we’re always searching for that elusive mix of beauty and functionality. And when it comes to our bedrooms, we want our eye to land on a beautiful space that also perfectly satisfies our needs for a cozy, welcoming — and organized —  space. Interior designer Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors recently shared the photos from a clients’ bedroom that fulfill these needs quite wonderfully. See how you can adapt these tips at your home, too.

Instant Pattern Infusion “Want to spice up a neutral headboard? A vintage textile, such as this kilim, instantly adds worldly panache. Bonus: The look of your bed can be quickly changed without a huge commitment.”

Bedside Inspiration “Your bedside table is the first thing you see in the morning  — why not make it inspiring? Fresh flowers, a special bowl for watches and jewelry and a table lamp with a dimmer are my must-haves.”


Clutter Control “Baskets tucked underneath an end-of-bed bench are a clever way to add storage and minimize clutter. Ensure the baskets slide out easily and are high enough to mask the chaos inside. ”

To try these tips out at your home, we suggest the Kalista Kilim Rug, the Silver Plated Nesting Bowls and the Shayne Basket.


Source: Photos courtesy Niche Interiors

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