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How-To: Build Kyle Schuneman’s Pipe Shelving

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Interior Designer Kyle Schuneman‘s apartment was recently featured in Sunset magazine, and we fell in love with his cool style — as well as his ingenious wall shelving, seen here. Kyle DIYed the shelf out of plumbing parts, and ever since the article ran, he’s been getting questions about how exactly he built it. We reached out to Kyle to find out the steps for this DIY. Check out Kyle’s directions for the DIY below.




  • 24 – 3/4″ Galvanized Pipe Flange
  • 12 – 3/4″ (18″ long) Galvanized Pipes
  • 5 –  2″x10″ (8′ long) wood lumber
  • 96 – 1″ Screws
  • 6 – 2″ Casters
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Wood Stain
  • Rag
  • Tape Measure
  • (Optional: 3 1″ L Brackets and Screws)


Step 1:

In a well ventilated area stain all sides of your 5 long wood boards and let them dry. Wipe on the stain along the grain and with a dry rag wipe off the excess. The more layers of stain you put on the darker it will get.


Step 2:

Lay one board on the ground and measure halfway from the end of your board (48″) and make a mark. Place and screw your first flange there. Measure 2″ from either side of the ends of your board and place and screw on 2 other flanges. Do this same treatment to one more board. These will be your top and bottom shelves.


Step 3:

Do the same to the remaining 3 boards. However, with these you need to attach flanges to both sides of each board.


Step 4:

Once your flanges are all attached is time to screw in your pipes. Connect the boards by screwing in the pipes.


Step 5:

Attach the 6 2″ casters (2 under each flange) to the bottom of the bottom shelf

Step 6:

If you’d like to attach your bookcase to your wall for extra support, you can screw in 3 L-Brackets (centered and on the sides) to the top of the top shelf.

All photos by Joe Schmelzer