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Kate’s Casual Fall Elegance

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Kate Riley of Centsational Girl created this beautiful Fall tablescape. Read on for her thoughts on Fall dining and more!

What was your goal for this look?

“This table setting is my everyday casual look where I use a lot of basic white and incorporate pretty linens. During the holidays or for special occasions, I add a lot more flair with pops of color and festive accents!”

Where were these photos taken?

“This is my dining room in our home — it dresses up for formal settings or dresses down for casual ones like this.”

Why did you choose these Pottery Barn dishes?

“I was shopping for a basic white plate several years ago and came across the Caterer’s Plates at my local Pottery Barn. I loved that I could buy them separate from cups or bowls, and I bought one set of the dinner plates and salad plates. We’ve eaten our meals on them every night for years!”

How would you describe your style?

“‘Casual elegance’ is the term coined for my personal style. I’m a busy mom with an active family so it’s best to keep things as relaxed as possible, plus that style is so inviting for when friends and family come into our home. However, I do believe that things can be pretty too, so I use simple palettes, layered neutrals and seasonal botanicals to up the style factor for everyday living. I’m also a big believer in bringing the outdoors in, hence the olive tree clippings from my yard and white fall pumpkins scattered about.”

Any tips for a gorgeous table?

“Thoughtful layering is the key to setting a gorgeous formal table. Start with a pretty tablecloth or runner, and then at each place setting introduce colors and texture. For example start with a pewter charger, layer in a white plate, add on top an accent salad plate and then an unexpected embellishment on top, such as a clever napkin ring, a seasonal swag of some kind or a pretty place card. You can’t go wrong with an assortment of fresh flowers in the middle coupled with candles for ambiance as a centerpiece. Keep arrangements low to encourage lingering conversation so guests are not encumbered by elaborate displays.”

Why do you shop at Pottery Barn?

“Pottery Barn’s style very much fits my own, it’s casual, elegant, modern, yet comforting, the best kind of style for the best style of home!”


Learn more about Kate’s style when you read Centsational Girl. Love the look? Here are some suggestions for capturing Kate’s gorgeous style!

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Source: Photos courtesy Kate Riley of of Centsational Girl

A Potentially Awkward Corner is Transformed Into a Cozy Staircase Nook

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Pottery Barn customer and avid home designer Jonathan Stiers recently shared images of this staircase nook from his home. We loved how he decorated it, and reached out to him to talk about how he made this potentially awkward space work.  The area around a stairway is often difficult to decorate, given space limitations and traffic flow. How did you hit upon using this chair here? “I decided to not be afraid of filling the space. It would be easy to put a small table lamp here but I felt something with presence would give the space life. The size of the chair was important: it’s not oversized and it’s not too small so it doesn’t interfere with traffic flow. Yet the chair is accessible enough that it may be pulled out when hosting guests, if needed.” We love the pendant lamp in this area. Was it installed especially for this space, or was it there already? “I installed the pendant especially for this place. I felt with the column and the open space between it and the wall, it needed something to fill the space in a subtle way. The clear glass pendant light does just that. Combined with the filament bulb, it adds just the right amount of character.” Your chair is styled so beautifully. What are your tips for using throws and pillows when accessorizing? “I specifically chose warmer throw and pillow colors because of the lighter chair. Mixing textures is important, which is why I felt the leather pillow cover provided a nice contrast against the chair and throw. The warmer colors also tied back to the hanging print, completing the overall look.” What are you inspired by when decorating challenging spaces like this one? Creating a space with warmth and character. Something that feels cozy. I want to create something that if in a picture, I’d want to jump right in.” Why do you shop at Pottery Barn? “Pottery Barn has the traditional style that I love but with just the right amount of contemporary touches. The pieces are timeless, not dated. Everything has character and comes with a unique feeling of home, versus items that feel more generic and sterile, from a traditional department store. I’ve come to love doing easy pillow updates, for example. With the beautiful assortment of covers, it’s easy to give your room a refresh, simply by changing out a cover.”

Inspired Thanksgiving Decorating Vignettes

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Inspired to add some last-minute Thanksgiving decor to your home? Today we’re happy to share some beautiful decorating vignettes from Angela of Red Shoes Creative. We love the way that she’s mixed vintage finds, Pottery Barn pieces and natural elements to create a strong Thanksgiving theme.

What was your decorating scheme for Thanksgiving this year?

“I’d describe the scheme as an elegant abundance… made up of layers and layers of all sorts of things I love. The foundation to any of my decor plans always begins with my favorite Pottery Barn staples: candles, hurricanes, antique silver candlesticks and vases, acorn and fall leaves vase fillers, and of course my new favorite pieces from their mercury glass line. I’ve built on that PB foundation by adding vintage frames and books mingled with natural elements like raffia, twigs, pinecones and feathers to complete the look.”

Why is this Thanksgiving so special (I believe you mentioned it was the first one you’re celebrating as a married couple)?

“Yes… I was just recently married in June, so this is our very first Thanksgiving. We are hosting 14 people, including some family members who have never been to our home, and I wanted to make it a truly memorable occasion for everyone. We have so much to be thankful for this year, I wanted to set the scene in a fantastic way to really let people know how thankful we are for each and every one of them.”

What do you think is most important when decorating for Thanksgiving?

“I’m all about details & mixing and matching. For the table, I love the juxtaposition of mixing the brand new PB pieces we received as wedding gifts with pieces from my great grandmother’s china set that I inherited years ago. And I’ve used this same concept with the mantel decor… mixing wonderful new finds from PB with my other true love: vintage items — especially those that have a family history. In fact, the framed “Gather” print that hangs from a ribbon above our mantel is actually made of a vintage frame that was a gift to my own mother and father on their wedding day. I think it’s those sort of details that mean the most when family is gathered on a day like Thanksgiving.”

What are your tips for decorating effortlessly (or as near as that can get) for Thanksgiving?

“Decorate with things you love and have meaning to you and yours. If you put things together in a way that suits your own personal style, even it breaks all the typical decor rules. Don’t play it safe or try to mimic something that’s not ‘you’ … follow your own inspiration, that’s when it just ‘flows’.”

Why do you use Pottery Barn for Thanksgiving décor?

“What I love most about PB is the casual, cozy feeling their pieces bring to my home. It’s just welcoming… not stuffy, not too ornate or overblown, they just get it right,  every single time. And their items mix seamlessly with my favorite vintage pieces. This, to me, is what makes a house a home and welcomes everyone who joins us here.”

Source: Photos courtesy Angela Becker

An Inspired and Relaxing Retreat

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Today, we’re excited to share some gorgeous images from KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm. We think you’ll agree that this room provides an incredibly inspiring (and relaxing) retreat!

What was your goal for this room?

“This is my respite from a harried and hectic day.  This is where I unwind and recharge for the coming day.  I wanted this to be warm and welcoming, a place where a cup of hot tea and a really good book are never far away.”

Can you tell us about how this room is used?

“This room is full of laughter and joy and light.  A warm fire keeps the room warm and toasty for late night conversations and sharing the stories of the day.”

How would you describe your style?

“I decorate for my heart.  My style has a little farmhouse, a little cottage, a little shabby chic, a little distressing and a whole lot of vintage.”

 Any tips for a gorgeous mantel?

“I like to keep  my mantels interesting.  I am always on the lookout for unusual pieces that can be re-purposed for display.  I have used barn doors and garden gates and lanterns and vintage boards.  The key is to have fun with your decorating.”

Why do you shop at Pottery Barn?

“I adore Pottery Barn.  The catalogue is full of inspirational ideas and new ways of repurposing items to make them fresh again.  I never visit a Pottery Barn store or look at a catalogue without leaving inspired.”

Make sure to keep up with KariAnne’s decorating adventures on her site, Thistlewood Farm.