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Streamline Gift Giving With a Gift Wrapping Station (or Improvise Your Own Version With These Tips)

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At this time of year, many of us are desperately searching for that extra pair of scissors, length of ribbon, and roll of wrapping paper. Crafty pros know that a gift wrapping station can eliminate this vexing process completely.

Even if you’re stretched for square footage, a wall in a laundry room, guest bedroom or craft room is enough space to accommodate a gift wrapping station. Our Gibson Craft Station is a great option. You can also cobble together a station by using furniture you might already own, such as a small buffet. By using such items, you can easily assemble your gift wrapping station for this peak holiday gifting time, then disassemble it after the new year if you so desire.

Whether you have  a dedicated gift wrapping station, or not, here’s our list of essential gift wrapping items that you should have on hand.

  • Tape dispenser with tape refills. Double-sided tape is also a great option.
  • Scissors
  • Gift wrapping paper. We also love the look of brown kraft paper used as wrapping paper.
  • Ribbon
  • Gift tags
  • Gift bags
  • Tissue paper
  • Bows
  • Pen and paper for labeling gifts

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