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DIY: How To Arrange Flowers

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How To Arrange Flowers

Lifestyle blogger and entertaining expert, Julie Blanner of Coordinately Yours teamed up with floral designer, Erin Volante and photographer Kristen Clayville for an afternoon of flower arranging and fun. They showed us step-by-step how to make an arrangement in just about any vessel or vase. Keep reading or follow the link for the full post on Coordinately Yours.

How To Arrange Flowers

Supplies you’ll need: 


Flowers (This DIY shows 4 varieties)


Clear tape


1. Use thin strips of clear tap, create a grid on top. This is a great way to learn as a beginner and no one will know!

How To Arrange Flowers

2. Remove greenery that will hit below the brim of the vase. Insert your first stem, starting in the middle.

How To Arrange Flowers

3. Work your way around with that same stem.

How To Arrange Flowers

4. Add another layer, working in a circular motion continuing to add one variety at a time.

How To Arrange Flowers

5. Use your vase as a guide to measure for height and snip at an angle.

How To Arrange Flowers

6. Have fun with it!

Have extra blooms? We love Julie’s tip: Fill bud vases with spare flowers. It’s perfect for bar carts, bathrooms and takeaway bouquets.

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DIY & Concept: Julie Blanner, Coordinately Yours

Floral Designer: Erin Volante

Photographer: Kristen Clayville

DIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

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We tasked floral designer Christy Hulsey, of Colonial House of Flowers in Savannah, Georgia with the challenge of creating a show-stopping centerpiece with only a cake stand from our Great White Collection. Little did we know that the simple cake stand would become a family reunion of three creative minds. See, Christy’s grandmother is a flower expert and her young cousin, an architect student in Nashville who traveled from afar to help too. With Mother’s Day so close, this DIY could not be more timely. This how-to is about family coming together to create something beautiful. Enjoy!

DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece


Great White Cake Stand
Instant Aquafoam Brick
Floral Clippers
Floral Tape


Step 1: Gather your favorite elements: flowers, branches, leaves, and greens.

Step 2: Tape the water soaked Aquafoam to the stand.

DIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 3:  Add your greenery to make a foundation. It looks natural for some of the cascading greenery to drape off of the vessel in places, and stand tall in other places.

Step 4: Next, add large, lush, blooms (Peonies and garden roses work well.) low and close to the center of the stand.DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 5: Add longer stemmed blooms of all textures, heights and sizes to float above the greenery and low round flowers. Place them in the flow and direction of your greenery, and let them move about the place.

DIY: Cake Stand CenterpieceDIY: Cake Stand Centerpiece

Step 6: Add fruits and vegetables for immediate visual interest and elegance.  Christy added green blueberries cut fresh from her mother’s garden to add to this meaningful, intentional, wild design.

According to Christy, “It’s really all about creating a beautiful little platter, a pretty story atop the charger of your life. The heights & textures of your greatest dreams, and all the things that have made you – you make the most beautiful vignette. Everything you need can be found within you and around you. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of creating.”

Venue: Garden of the Coastal Plain

Photography: Diana Daley Photography

Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers

Stylist: Lauren Weems, Camp Makery

Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Flowers: Statesboro Farmer’s Market, California Flowers

Inspiration: Slow Flowers by Debra Prinzing

Our Modern Galvanized Wall Planter Welcomes a Decidedly Old-Fashioned Flower

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Pottery Barn’s Hammered Galvanized Wall Planter is absolutely versatile and can create an incredible focal point in a garden or on a home’s porch or patio space. In the catalog and on the website, the Galvanized Wall Planter was planted with echeveria and other modern-looking succulent plants. To celebrate Plant a Flower Day (that’s today!), we decided to plant this planter with a much more traditional bloom.
It turns out that the Pottery Barn Galvanized Wall Planter works for plants well beyond simple succulents. For a touch of spring romance, we planted the succulent planter with one of our favorite old-fashioned blooms: the bleeding heart. Lamprocapnos spectabilis also goes by the names old-fashioned bleeding-heart, Venus’s car, lady in a bath, Dutchman’s trousers, or lyre flower.


This rhizomatous perennial plant is native to eastern Asia from Siberia south to Japan and was first introduced to England in the 1840s, this popular ornamental plant is a surefire hit in flower gardens in temperate climates. Bleeding hearts prefer to be planted in light to medium shade, though in cooler climates it will grow in full sun.


To plant it in the galvanized planter on a long-term basis, we would recommend lining the exterior grid of the planter with burlap or landscaping cloth cut to fit. Add some larger stones to the bottom of the container to promote good drainage, and enjoy this fun mix of old-fashioned floral beauty with a modern Pottery Barn planter!