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Bettina’s Beautiful Breakfast Room, Featuring the Exeter Pendant Light

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We love seeing how Pottery Barn customers are decorating their homes, and when we spotted Bettina Janco’s breakfast room, we fell in love with her cool style and contemporary use of the Exeter 5-Jar Pendant Light. Bettina lives in a suburb of Boston and works in commercial real estate investment and asset management. She loves home decor and creating unique spaces with a twist that incorporate little pops of color, unexpected shapes or accessories and different textures. Bettina is also the creative force behind the fashion and lifestyle blog NeatBit, where she chronicles everyday personal style, as well as her decorating adventures. See what she has to say about her newly decorated breakfast room below!




What inspired you to redecorate this space?

“We moved into our home a few months ago, so we were lucky to have an opportunity to start fresh. The previous owner’s decor was very traditional. We restored the room to a blank slate, which included tearing down some very beautiful window treatments that just didn’t go with the room’s new decor.”




How would you describe your style?

“Transitional. Light and airy, but with a twist —  like little punches of color, unexpected shapes or fun textures.”


What are your favorite elements of the room?

“The mason jar pendant light and zebra rug get lots of compliments.”




Why did you use the Exeter pendant here?

“Alone, the pendant light has a very casual, rustic feel. But when paired with the contemporary table and rug, it helps balance everything out. And I love how the Exeter pendant showcases our filament light bulbs. Those bulbs, in and of themselves, are like works of art.”




What’s your favorite breakfast menu to serve in this room?

“Steak and eggs! We’re always grilling and like to stash away a little bit of steak for leftovers the next morning.” 




Read more about Bettina’s decorating and fashion adventures at NeatBit!

Do you love the Exeter 5-Jar Pendant Light? You’re in luck, because we’re giving one away today on the blog. Just fill out the form below to enter (official rules can be found here).

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The Easiest Spring Refresh Ever: Switch Out Your Duvet Cover and Shams

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Spring refreshes don’t have to involve hours (or days!) or work, a trip to the paint store or a completely new patio set. While those changes are obviously great, if you don’t have the time to invest in such undertakings, you can create a fresh seasonal feel to your home by simply changing out linens. Our favorite trick in the bedroom is to switch out heavier, darker textiles for brighter, lighter ones. And this season, one of our favorite new designs is the Lucianna Medallion Duvet Cover and Shams.



The Lucianna features an updated damask pattern in a shade of blue that will perfectly transition your bedroom into the spring and summer months.

To encourage you to try switching out your bedding this season, we’re giving away a Lucianna duvet cover in the size of your choice along with two Lucianna shams. You can enter the contest below; official rules are here.

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Passover Stories and Our Seder Plate

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For millions of Jewish households,  Passover is the time to gather together to commemorate the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt.  Passover begins on the 14th day of the month of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, and Passover seder marks the perfect time to celebrate and observe the Passover story with family and friends over a good meal.



We reached out to a few friends and Pottery Barn fans to hear about their favorite elements of Passover seder. Here’s what they told us:

  • “Every Passover I join my family and good friends at my parent’s house as we read the story of Passover and share a beautiful meal together. I always volunteer to set the dining table with beautiful linens and special place settings. This year, I am going to surprise my mother by bringing home a new matzah plate. It will be a perfect addition to our family’s Passover table for years to come.” — Leslie
  • “The Afikomen is so much fun. It was great as a kid zooming through the house trying to find it and now it’s great watching my kids and my sisters’ kids hunting around.” — Robin
  • “Passover is always my favorite time of year to gather around with my family. This holiday is almost as much about the people sitting around the table as it is about the food you are sharing as everyone brings their own spin to the more traditional classics. It doesn’t matter how old everyone gets, finding the Afikomen is still a childhood tradition that we keep alive within our family. Passover brings out the inner Child in everyone!” — Jacqueline
  • “The second night of Passover we had an interfaith seder with friends and family. It was an opportunity for us to share believes with those who were not otherwise familiar with the tradition. We encouraged everyone to taste the elements on the seder plate if they were unfamiliar with them. There was a younger member of the dinner who decided to try the horseradish. We may have mentioned the texture was carrot-like. Well the poor child bit in to it like a carrot. Her face was red and tears welled up but she was otherwise ok. We all were horrified but after she recovered we all laughed about it and still tease her to this day.” — Meg
  • “Last year I hosted my first Seder and was so excited to put together the ingredients for the Seder plate. As we approached the part in the Seder when we taste the horseradish root, we all got quite the surprise . . . I had bought ginger root instead of a horseradish root!” — Jenna


To celebrate Passover with our fans, today we’re giving away 10 of our Seder plates. The Pottery Barn Seder Plate was designed to mimic the look of a leafy branch — a family tree branch, if you like, for a special family gathering. For a chance to win one of our Seder Plates, simply fill out the form below by 11:59 pm PT tonight and we’ll pick 10 winners at random.  (You can read the official rules here.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Win One of the Rio Leather Cosmetic Bags

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To celebrate the holiday, we’re offering 20 Rio Leather Cosmetic Bags to our readers. The Rio Leather Cosmetic Bag is the perfect size to slip in your purse and will hold your favorite lipsticks, brushes, blushes and other daily necessities. The Rio features hand-stitched leather trim and a bright red color — perfect for Valentine’s Day as well as any other day of the year.


Want to win one of the Rio Leather Cosmetic Bags? Simply fill out the form below by 11:59 pm PT tonight and we’ll pick 20 winners at random.  (You can read the official rules here.) Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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