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Learn the Steps to Create the Perfect Pottery Barn Bed

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Ever wonder how to get the look of the beds you see in Pottery Barn’s catalogs and photo shoots? Well, wonder no more. Today we’re showing you how to create the perfect Pottery Barn bed with a list of tips and tricks. Keep reading to find out how to get a Pottery Barn look in your bedroom.

Start with comfortable and quality basics, including a bed skirt, fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet insert, pillow inserts, duvet, quilt, euro shams, sleeping pillows and standard shams.
  To extend the life of your mattress, try turning it every three months. It’s easy to remember to do so by tagging the corner of the mattress with the month it was last turned.
  Use hotel corners create a neat and tailored look. To create hotel corners, fold the bottom tail of the sheet diagonally across the side of the bed. Then, tuck the excess sheeting under the mattress.
  While ironing is always a nice step, you can also refresh the bed by lightly spritzing it with a water bottle scented with fresh lavender.
  To create visual and textural interest, layer varied fabrics on your bed, such as silk, linen, velvet and cotton.
  When making the bed, give your duvet a  good shake to fluff it and prevent bunching.
  To easily add pillows to pillow cases, fold them in half before inserting.Then, fluff them before you layer them on the bed.

For even more tips, check out this video showing you step by step how to create a Pottery Barn-style bed!

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How-To: Craft a Headboard Out of a Salvaged Door

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Last week, we featured Lindsay’s gorgeous sun porch. Today, she’s back with a tutorial for us from her own home, showing us how to make a headboard out of a salvaged door.

The technique we used to hang the door allows it to hang freely on the wall without any screws showing through or damaging the front of the door. This technique is similar to one used frequently when hanging a heavy work of art on a wall.


  • Old door
  • Paint and/or stain if necessary
  • Two 1 x 4 boards cut to the length of your door
  • Table saw (used to cut a 45 degree angle)
  • Level
  • Deck screws
  • Trim screws
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure


  • Select an interesting door. I used a door that was left in the basement of my home when I purchased it. I am guessing it used to be the door that went from the sun porch into the home. I love the idea that I created a headboard for my king sized bed, essentially for free, and with an architectural piece that belonged to my home! If you don’t already have an old door, they can be found in salvage shops and flea markets around the country for a reasonable price.
  • Decide if you want to refinish or paint the door. I scrubbed mine with soap and water because it needed to be cleaned after years of being stored in the basement. After the door was completely dry, I used Minwax “Dark Walnut” colored stain to give the door a fresh coat of stain. I just followed the directions on the back of the can. I would suggest being in a well-ventilated area and wearing gloves.
  • Next, take measurements of where you want the door to be located on the wall. I wanted the mattress to cover up about an inch at the bottom edge of the door, so I measured the height of the bedframe and mattress and then spaced the door accordingly.


Cut one 1 X 4 length-wise on a 45 degree angle. This piece will then be anchored into the studs of the wall. Have the “short” side of the angle attached to the wall.


Attach the other 1 X 4 to the headboard. Place the flat side at the top of the door and the angle at the bottom. These two 45 degree angle boards will fit into each other on the wall creating a secure hold.


  • The other 1 x 4 is then secured to the wall as a spacer to hold the headboard plumb or level. Once the headboard is in place, a small trim screw can be used on the 1×4 to further secure it in place.


  • Tada! Now you have your own salvaged door headboard!

Keep up with Lindsay’s adventures with her husband, pups and home when you read her blog, The Milkweed Pods.

A Feminine, Flirty Master Bedroom

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We love a beautifully executed ensuite master bedroom, and when it comes to creating a gorgeously modern yet feminine design, San Francisco-based designer Melanie Coddington of Coddington Design has this style perfected. Let’s take a tour of this inspiring bedroom, and learn her tips for creating a relaxing bedroom sanctuary at your own home.                             Did you design the headboard? “I designed the headboard especially for the room. I wanted a bed that had a strong presence without taking up a lot of precious space. It is inspired by 1940s style – one of my favorite eras.” What are your tips for layering bedding and creating a rich look that still feels cohesive? “I like to use layers and textures to create a luxe look. On this bed I paired a silky cream coverlet with a custom reversible textural blanket. The pillows add a fun pop of pattern and color.” What do you think is important when styling a bed? What makes it pop? “I like a bed to look comfortable and inviting, for that reason you generally won’t find wooden tassels, glass beads or anything that looks like it would be uncomfortable to rest your head on in my work.” How did you choose the bedside table accents and books? “I love to stack fashion and art books and place interesting objects on top. The antler is a subtle nod to the wine country location. Although fresh flowers on a nightstand are gorgeous, I opted for a lower maintenance air plant in a simple glass bowl. They look great and last forever.” The color blocked legs on the bedside table are fantastic. Tell us about your decision to color block these. Could readers try this at home? “I would love to take credit for this, but the desk is actually vintage! Readers could certainly try this at home. Cream and black is classic combo but they could experiment with other colors–dove grey with citron yellow socks  would be stunning. Gold or silver would be chic as well.” The wall treatment in the bathroom is incredible. Is it fabric? How did you choose the window treatments in this room? “Thanks! It’s a wallpaper created to look faded. The colors played off the stone and wood beautifully. The bathroom shade is a ‘relaxed roman’ style in the red and blue colors of the wallpaper and the adjoining bedroom. It’s a classic style that has a little more femininity than a flat shade, but the tailored trim keeps is fresh and gives it a touch of prep.” What do you look for in terms of fixtures when choosing bathroom hardware? This bathroom is petite, so I put the focus on the mirror and sconces. You wouldn’t necessarily think of hanging a gold decorative mirror in the bathroom but I think it instantly dresses up what could easily become a utilitarian space. Wall-mount faucets are also great in small spaces. Where did you source the unicorn statues? How do you integrate quirky pieces like this into an overall design? “I found the unicorns at one of my favorite vintage shops in San Francisco, Monument. They were called ‘magical unicorns’ on the web listing. I simply couldn’t resist! The day my assistant sent me a calendar request ‘magical unicorn delivery’ I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Every room can benefit from a highly personal, quirky or funny element. You don’t want to put so many quirky items in a room that it becomes a joke, but if you find something a little ‘off’ that you love, feature it prominently and don’t apologize.” The seating area in the bedroom is so chic. What are some ways that one can introduce a seating area to even a small bedroom space? “I designed this mohair sofa without arms so that it opens up into the space and feels larger. Readers could place a pair of vintage chairs (which are generally smaller) with a stack of books between them, add a throw and floor lamp and voila, a little nook becomes special. Even one small vanity chair or dining chair tucked into a corner can finish off a bedroom beautifully.” “We love the indoor-outdoor access to this room. What do you think is important about adding an element of nature to a room?  I grew up in Northern California among redwoods and pristine beaches, so I think natural elements are very important. We don’t all have the luxury of waking up to vineyard views but everyone can benefit from bringing nature in. I look for animal, sea or forest themes in my accessories. In this bedroom I have literal references like the bird print on the bed and more subtle references like the limestone topped coffee table and succulents scattered throughout.” [portfolio_slideshow size=large exclude=”759″]

An Inspired and Relaxing Retreat

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Today, we’re excited to share some gorgeous images from KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm. We think you’ll agree that this room provides an incredibly inspiring (and relaxing) retreat!

What was your goal for this room?

“This is my respite from a harried and hectic day.  This is where I unwind and recharge for the coming day.  I wanted this to be warm and welcoming, a place where a cup of hot tea and a really good book are never far away.”

Can you tell us about how this room is used?

“This room is full of laughter and joy and light.  A warm fire keeps the room warm and toasty for late night conversations and sharing the stories of the day.”

How would you describe your style?

“I decorate for my heart.  My style has a little farmhouse, a little cottage, a little shabby chic, a little distressing and a whole lot of vintage.”

 Any tips for a gorgeous mantel?

“I like to keep  my mantels interesting.  I am always on the lookout for unusual pieces that can be re-purposed for display.  I have used barn doors and garden gates and lanterns and vintage boards.  The key is to have fun with your decorating.”

Why do you shop at Pottery Barn?

“I adore Pottery Barn.  The catalogue is full of inspirational ideas and new ways of repurposing items to make them fresh again.  I never visit a Pottery Barn store or look at a catalogue without leaving inspired.”

Make sure to keep up with KariAnne’s decorating adventures on her site, Thistlewood Farm.