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4 Fun and Stylish Laundry Baskets That Will Upgrade Your Laundry Routine

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Lately, we’ve been dreaming of some upgrades for one of the hardest-working rooms (or corners) of your home: the laundry room. While there are some obvious essentials you need for this space, there are also ways to add an infusion of style to those same essentials. Today, we’re looking at four alternatives to the standard laundry basket, each of which can add a spirit of fun to your regular wash and fold routine. Here’s to stylish laundry baskets!

Saybrook All-Weather Wicker Hamper ($159)

This covered hamper has a curvaceous shape and fun lidded top. Handwoven of all-weather wicker over a galvanized steel frame, it’s actually meant for the outdoors — say, around a pool — but that weather resistance means it’s well suited to deal with damp towels that often make their way into the laundry basket. Stored in a bedroom closet or in your laundry room, it will keep your dirty duds under wraps beautifully.


French Wire Hamper and Liner ($159)

We’re positively smitten with this charming little hamper. Thanks to its swiveling casters, it’s a breeze to move from room to room or machine to machine, as need be. Made of steel with an oxidized finish, it includes a cotton liner with drawstring closure. (Oh, and you can also monogram the liner, which in our opinion, would be absolutely darling.)


Savannah Divided Hamper and Liner ($179)

Thanks to its split compartments, now your household will have no excuse when it comes to mixing light and dark loads. Crafted from hndwoven seagrass wrapped tightly around a sturdy wire frame, its cut-out handles make it simple to transport. It comes with two removable cotton liners, which you can chuck in the wash with your light loads as needed.


Canvas Hanging Hamper ($69)

Short on floor space? Then take advantage of your walls with this clever hanging laundry hamper. Made of sturdy cotton canvas with brass finished grommets, it’s a great alternative for a cramped laundry space. The hamper can also be monogrammed, with either a word or initials. Perhaps one for each member of the family is a good idea — and then each person can be made responsible for his or her laundry. (Wouldn’t that make life easier!)


Have you upgraded your laundry space with a stylish laundry basket or hamper?

New Year Resolution: Get Organized

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Now that the new year has rolled around, what are your home resolutions? Are you inspired to tackle a redecorating project for your bedroom or dining room? Draw up plans for a kitchen renovation? Or perhaps your resolutions skew more practical. One of the most common new year’s resolutions for our homes  is organization. Whether your organizing agenda  includes large-scale projects or simply fine-tuning  organization from room to room, one easy way to tackle this project is through using baskets. Our new line of Jacquelyn and Cask baskets are perfect for the job. Here’s how we  would use five of our new spring baskets from room to room.

The Jacquelyne Curved Lidded Basket ($89) is woven by hand in two different sizes of rattan, each of which features iron buckles. It’s a perfect vessel for storing papers in a home office, or wrangling mail in an entry.


Another basket that keeps clutter under wraps is the Cask Lidded Basket ($149). Featuring galvanized metal banding with rivets, it provides a handsome storage solution for magazines, throws or other odds and ends that tend to pile up from room to room. We especially like the idea of keeping toys under wraps in common rooms using the Cask Lidded Basket. No one would ever guess that this handsome basket is hiding your tot’s trains and blocks.


Another basket in the Jacquelyne collection is the Jacquelyne Angled Lidded Basket ($99). Featuring iron hardware with a bronze finish, we imagine this basket  artfully housing everything from extra files in an office to craft supplies in a studio. Create a big impact by stacking them next to a rustic wall shelf or a desk.


The Jacquelyne Handled Basket ($79) is also perfect for crafting projects. Can’t you imagine it filled with skeins of wool yarn and a set of wooden needles, propped next to a cozy armchair and a crackling fire? What a perfect way to ride out the chilly month of January.


The Cask Round Basket ($99) would provide a beautiful alternative to a standard pot plant, as seen in this photo. While the fern is a lovely option, we also  think that a more tree-like plant could look great in it, too. We’re imagining two fiddle-leaf fig trees in these baskets flanking a set of French doors. Of course, these baskets are also great for organizing as well. Use them to stack children’s books next to a bed or to store computer or tech devices.


However you choose to use baskets to organize, you’ll be delighted by the warmth and texture they bring to a room. They’re also surprisingly versatile. From the kitchen to the bedroom and from files to craft supplies, these hardworking home organizing gems will truly help to keep your home tidy and beautiful in the new year.