Make Your New Year a Happy Year — Here’s How

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Did you know that there’s a very simple way to increase your happiness this year? It doesn’t involve making more money, taking more vacations or cutting down your work hours. It involves something much simpler: writing down what you’re grateful for. According to Greater Good Magazine, the simple act of writing down these things you’re grateful for can greatly improve your life. The benefits include fewer illness symptoms, a better night’s sleep and more optimism about one’s life.

While keeping a gratitude journal is an easy way to accomplish this task, we like the idea of making the practice more household- or family-friendly with a gratitude jar. Every night, write down those things for which you’re grateful on a slip of paper, and then add it to the jar. Have members of your household do the same. At the end of each month, empty your jar and read your notes aloud, perhaps at a Sunday dinner. Then, archive the notes in a folder or envelope. At the end of the year, you can share all of the memories of the year together. Better yet: catalog your memories in a book or journal that everyone contributes to.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up a few of our own jars that would be perfect for a gratitude jar. See if you can find a match for your home below, and remember — let’s make this year one filled with gratitude!

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2 thoughts on “Make Your New Year a Happy Year — Here’s How

  1. Heather Bugnacki

    I love the idea of keeping a gratitude jar and getting the whole family involved! Thank you! After about a year of difficult treatment for Breast Cancer, and a good prognosis, I have much to be thankful for! 2013 will be the year my family and I begin to COUNT our blessings. This Christmas, I discovered a new book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Ann challenges us to list gifts we already have, to look for beautiful blessings in our seemingly ordinary lives. “-thanksgiving-always precedes the miracle.”, according to Ann. Life has it’s struggles, but hearts of thanksgiving keep us grounded and focused on what really counts. Despite the challenges of this past year, I have seen some miracles along the way. It’s time for my family and I to get it all down on paper, celebrate God’s goodness and see even more miracles take place within our hearts! We need this! Our world needs this!

  2. April

    Beautifully said…I love it! And Heather’s comments are just the icing on the cake! I’m looking forward to implementing this into a daily part of my family’s life. Gratitude is truly essential to being happy.


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