Spotted: The Benchwright Reclaimed Wood Table and Bench

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Carmel Phillips of Our Fifth House recently added the Benchwright Reclaimed Wood Table and Benchwright Reclaimed Wood Bench to her home. See why she chose this particular table, and how she decorates with it.


What Was Your Goal?

“I wanted to create a casual, warm and inviting everyday dining space.”

What Room is This?

“This is our breakfast room/kitchen eat-in area. It’s where the four of us eat most of our meals. It’s also where my kids work on their homework and where we gather for family craft project nights.”


Why did you choose these pieces?

“I was looking for a table and bench with clean lines and a rustic look.  With two kids in our home, I wanted something that would stand up to everyday use and still look beautiful.  =I also like to purchase furniture that will provide me with different options. I love that this table and bench could easily be at home in a different area of my house someday. This table could function as a desk, and this bench would work in a mudroom, entry foyer or at the foot of a bed.”

How Would You Describe Your Style?

“My style is forever evolving.  I’m drawn to warm, bold and inviting interiors that feel collected over time.  I would say my home’s style is classic with a twist. ”

Any Tips For Fall Decorating?

  1. “Layer it up:  Just like you do with your wardrobe adding layers to stay warm  – think about layering your table with the colors and textures of the season.”
  2. “Bring on the glow:  Candles are an easy and inexpensive way to make every meal a little more special and the glow of candlelight adds the warmth of the season to the table.”
  3. “Let form meet function:  Using stacks of plates, bowls, etc. that you already own as a centerpiece can make setting the table at meal time that much easier and when all the plates are in place you’ll have the perfect spot to bring the casserole dish or bread basket to the center of the table.”


Why do you shop at Pottery Barn?

“I love shopping at Pottery Barn because the quality and customer service is always top notch.  I save all of my catalogs to use as decorating inspiration.  Their stylists are THE BEST in the business!”

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Source: Photos courtesy Carmel Phillips of Our Fifth House

2 thoughts on “Spotted: The Benchwright Reclaimed Wood Table and Bench

  1. AMBER

    We just purchased this same table and bench. We love it! But we have 4 kids and I am wondering if we should seal the table. I’m afraid if milk or food spills it will stain. Any advice? Thanks!


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